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"Violence among Universities Students" Thesis Defense at the University

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Researcher Areej Waleed Adeeb Shalbak, Conflict Resolution and Development student in the faculty of graduate studies at the Arab American University, defended her master thesis entitled, “Violence among Universities Students: Arab American University as Case Study.”

In her thesis, the researcher highlighted the phenomenon of violence among university students to answer the study’s main questions, namely; the types of violence in the Arab American University, the main reasons behind this phenomenon, and its consequences on the students’ academic achievement and the university.

The researcher concluded in her study that physical violence is the most visible form of violence and there are several reasons behind this phenomenon.

The research recommends applying sanctions against violent students, reduce negative external interference and replace it with benefiting positively from the external community role in supporting the university’s role in the society.

In the end, the committee of the thesis supervisor and head of the committee Dr. Mufeed Qsoum, the internal examiner from the University Dr. Ayman Yousef, and the external examiner Prof. Dr. Abdul Satar Qasim, decided to give the student Areej Waleed Shalbak a master degree.