Workshop at the University Entitled Digital Security and the Palestinian Youth

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Arab American University organized a workshop for its students entitled "Digital Security and the Palestinian Youth" with the participation of speakers from the university, Hamlih center, and Sawa Foundation.

Part of the workshop

Laila Haraz Allah from the university talked about preventive programs in reducing the phenomenon of blackmail and harassment, and Ayoub Zain El-Din from Hamlih center of talked about taking advantage of knowledge in the mechanisms of penetration and its impact on civil society, Shatha Sheikh Yusuf from Hamlih center reviewed how to combat gender violence among young people, and Ahila Schumer from Sawa presented the Foundation's experience through models of women who experienced gender-based violence on the Internet.

The workshop was moderated and opened by Jawanah Hafi from Department Activities of the Deanship of Student Affairs, and Said Abu Mualla, Media Lecturer at Arabic Language and Media Dept. at the University.

Part of the workshop