An Analysis of the Palestinian Old and New Third Grade Science Textbooks' Activities

Journal of the Arab American University, Volume 4, Issue 2, 2018

This study aimed to identify the differences between the Palestinian  old and  new Third Grade  Science Textbooks' activities. Therefore, the study raised the following main question: Are there any significant differences between the activities of the old Third Grade  Science textbooks and those of the new Science Textbooks? To answer this question, a content analysis was conducted to the textbooks based on  well-designed, reliable and credible 25 criteria and the interview with the 14 female and male science teachers  and the three focus groups , who teach science for the third grade.  Consequently, it was found out that the new science textbooks activities fulfilled the set criteria with the frequency percentage of ( 30% - 100 %), but  did not address the criteria associated with the national, humanistic and religious dimensions not to mention the ignorance of technology employment. In contrast, the old science textbooks' activities fulfilled seven criteria only with the frequency percentage of (35% - 73%). 


Activities, content analysis, textbook