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The Relationship between Scientific Research Success Factors and Scientific Research Productivity in Palestinian Universities: The Case of the Faculty at The Arab American University

Journal of the Arab American University, Volume 5, Issue 1, 2019

This study aimed to measure the correlation between the scientific research success factors, i.e. the mastery of the scientific research competencies, subjective and objective motivations to scientific research, and the availability of the scientific research infrastructure, and the scientific research productivity, i.e., publications, books, translated books, grants, citations, and awards received of the faculty of the Arab American University in Palestine. Data were collected through a questionnaire distributed to a randomly selected sample out of 263 the faculty working at the Arab American University. The results indicated a medium positive relationship between the scientific research success factors and scientific research productivity with correlation value =.492 at α=0.05.  The study also revealed a weak and positive relationship between scientific research competencies and scientific research productivity (R=.202), and a weak and positive relationship between objective motivations to scientific research and scientific research productivity (R=.219). The study also showed there is a significant difference at level (P≤0.05) in scientific research productivity with respect to gender (male over female), degree of qualifications (PhD degree over Master degree), and academic rank (associated professor and full professor over all other categories, and associated professor over full professor). The researcher recommended creating a strategic plan for the scientific research, building up the scientific research culture environment, testing the new faculty scientific research competencies and training the existing staff.


scientific research, scientific research productivity, scientific research competencies, scientific research subjective motivations, scientific research objective motivations, scientific research infrastructure.