Scholarships for Master's and PhD degrees at Deakin University in Australia

Application Deadline: 
Thursday, October 31, 2019


Applications are now invited for the fully funded Higher Degree Research Scholarships at Deakin University, Australia. The HDR scholarship includes the Research Training Program Scholarship (RTP) or Deakin University Postgraduate Research Scholarship (DUPR). The RTP scholarships (previously APA) are funded by the Australian Government, while the DUPR scholarships are funded by Deakin University. Both awards are available to domestic and international students. Only top-ranked applicants will be offered an RTP

A history of world-class opportunities: With over 40 years of experience as one of Australia’s leading tertiary education providers, Deakin’s won numerous awards and teaches over 53,000 students each year. They offer our students world-class programs and endless opportunities.  This university is known as a globally connected university, with five popular campuses – including our online Cloud Campus – and technology-rich learning centers across outer metropolitan Melbourne.



  • Australia


  • Deakin University


  • Masters by Research or MPhil by Research & PhD


Majors Field available are:

  • Arts and Education
  • Business and Law
  • Frontier Materials
  • Health
  • Science
  • Engineering and Built Environment


Doctoral Degree Duration

  • 3 years for stipend and 4 years for the tuition fees offset

Research Master Degree Duration

  • 2 years for stipend and 2 years for the tuition fees offset


  • A stipend of $27,596 per annum tax exempt (2019 rate)
  • A relocation allowance from $500 to $1,500 (for single to family) awarded to students who are moving from interstate or overseas in order to study at Deakin
  • For international students only:overseas health coverage for the duration of the tuition fees offset


  • To be eligible for an RTP Stipend, RTP Fees Offset, RTP Allowance or DUPRS a student must be a domestic or international student enrolled in an HDR course of study at Deakin University
  • To be eligible for an RTP Fees Offset an applicant must not be receiving an equivalent award or scholarship from the Commonwealth designed to offset HDR fees
  • To be eligible for an RTP or DUPRS Stipend a student must not be receiving income from another source to support that student’s general living costs while undertaking their course of study if that income is greater than 75 percent of that student’s RTP or DUPRS Stipend rate. Income unrelated to the student’s course of study or income received for the student’s course of study but not for the purposes of supporting general living costs is not to be taken into account.
  • Please refer to the research degree entry pathways page for information on admission requirements to an HDR course at Deakin University.
  • Terms and conditions for each scholarship are detailed in the Further Informationsection below. For information about our RTP Scholarship Policy please refer to the Higher Degrees by Research (HDR) Scholarships Procedure.


Deakin has a streamlined process for applying for a higher degree by research. You need to apply via the online Higher Degree by Research Application Form. You’ll be required to attach a number of certified supporting documents, in addition to your research proposal and referee reports


Follow these eight steps to successfully complete your application:

1) Check the Entry Pathways

Entry to a research degree at Deakin is based on your demonstrated capacity to undertake significant research in a proposed field.

Your ability can be demonstrated in a variety of ways. In addition to the entry pathway requirements, there are additional eligibility criteria for entry into a scholarship.

2) Find a Supervisor

Before you start your application, please contact a supervisor for advice on your research topic and proposal. A list of potential research areas and supervisors can be found via Find a supervisor page.

This step is applicable to all applicants except those applying to study in the Faculty of Business and Law. For all supervisor and research degree related inquiries, prospective Business and Law Faculty students should email the faculty directly.

3) Arrange Referee Reports

Your application needs to be supported by two referee reports from current or former lecturers or academic or employment supervisors who are able to comment on your research expertise and potential.

Forward the referee report form below directly to your referees to complete.

These reports are confidential and referees should send them back to Deakin, ideally as soon as possible.

4) Prepare Your Proposal

Provide a brief outline of your proposed research topic. This will be used to assess whether the university has appropriate supervision expertise available. If you’ve already been in contact with a potential supervisor, you may work with them to develop your research proposal.

5) Evidence of English Proficiency

If your first language isn’t English, or if your degree qualifications weren’t undertaken in English, please provide evidence of English proficiency. Please visit the official website to get more info about the IELTS/TOEFL scores.

6) Prepare Relevant Documents/Information

  • Resume or Curriculum vitae
  • Academic Transcripts
  • Previous research degree
  • Publications information to include
  • Bibliographic information to include
  • Providing proof of identification and citizenship

7) Apply Online

Answer all questions thoroughly in your online application and attach all requested documents. If information is missing it may affect your chances of being accepted.

8) Remember to Mail in Certified Copies

Most documents need to be certified before you upload them. Certified copies of documents are photocopies that have been sighted along with the original document by an authorized person (see list below).

Deakin does not accept documents that have been electronically certified. Documents submitted by mail will not be returned. Do not send originals, as they will not be returned.


  • RTP and DUPRS Stipends will be awarded to students as the result of a competitive process outlined in the ranking guidelines as below.
  • Students receiving an RTP or DUPRS Stipend will be enrolled as on-campus full-time students.
  • Applicants for an RTP or DUPRS Stipend must have completed at least four years of tertiary education studies and achieved a first class Honours degree or equivalent level of academic achievement as approved by Deakin, and meet all other minimum entry requirements according to the Higher Degrees by Research (HDR) Admission, Selection and Enrolment Procedure.Please refer to the research degree entry pathways page for more information.
  • Current students can apply for an RTP or DUPRS Stipend and will be assessed by the Faculty/Institute. Current students may not apply after they have completed more than 3 years of their doctoral course or 2 years of their master’s course (or part-time equivalent).
  • For information about the RTP Fees Offset selection process and the offer process for all scholarships please refer to the Higher Degrees by Research (HDR) Scholarships Procedure.


  • The process and opening/closing dates for High Degree Research Scholarships applications are different for each faculty/institute. Some faculties/institutes require an Expression of Interest form to be submitted prior to submitting a full application via the online Higher Degree by Research Application Form. The dates may vary depending on whether you are applying as a domestic or international applicant. (vary from program to program: 31 May, 31 July, 31 October)