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Academic Quality


The Arab American University is committed to the highest standards and best international practices in the field of academic quality. Since its launch, the Department of Quality was established. At the beginning of 2023, this department started to be known as the "Quality Promotion Office" The Quality Promotion Office is affiliated with the Office of the Vice President for Planning, Development and Quality, and its work focuses on developing quality in the academic and administrative fields.

The Arab American University has been distinguished by being the first university in Palestine to obtain the ISO 9001:2015 certificate in the field of administrative quality, and it is working to obtain other certificates in the field of information security (ISO 27001).


Academic Quality Policy

The Arab American University adopts a clear and binding policy to ensure quality and achieve excellence at all levels. Through this policy, the Arab American University is committed to providing a high-quality educational experience that meets the needs and expectations of our students, faculty members, staff, and stakeholders, and meets the needs of the labor market. This quality policy reflects the Arab American University’s adoption of the philosophy of continuous improvement and excellence and the pursuit of academic and administrative excellence. more


Academic Excellence

The Arab American University adopts a comprehensive model of academic quality that includes all elements of the academic process, which are:


  • By enhancing their cognitive skills, their learning experience, and providing an academic environment that contributes to refining their personality and enhancing their personal skills.
  • The University seeks to attract distinguished students through a variety of scholarships and grants , which are directed to many categories (excellence scholarships, top directorates’ students, children of martyrs, sibling discounts, and Palestinian areas threatened by settlement or those in need of growth and development).
  • The University measures students’ results during the academic stage through the annual student questionnaire and the graduates’ questionnaire (after graduation). These questionnaires are analyzed and used for improvement.

Academic Programs and Study Plans

Academic Environment, Learning and Teaching

  • The Arab American University adopts a policy of academic freedom, freedom of thought and creativity, principles of democracy, and policies for environmental preservation and environmental sustainability, in addition to supporting scientific research and innovation. more
  • The University employs digital means to support the learning and teaching process, by providing electronic platforms that support learning, such as virtual learning platforms Moodle, virtual reality technology, simulation laboratories, and electronic learning resources (databases).
  • The University, through its teaching staff, adopts modern and blended education methods such as flipped classrooms.

Academic Regulations and Instructions

All regulations can be viewed through the University website

Academic Staff

  • The Arab American University includes on its campuses in Jenin and Ramallah a group of nationally, regionally and internationally distinguished academics in the academic field and scientific research. The Arab American University selects faculty members according to the highest selection standards to ensure the quality of education.
  • Achievements of academic staff members at the University

Educational Sources and Resources

The University provides an infrastructure of advanced laboratories and facilities, such as the library, electronic learning resources, , and others, to support the education process meeting the best practices and requirements. It includes dozens of laboratories and university facilities that provide students with a distinguished academic environment rich in learning resources and educational facilities.


The University follows up on its graduates and communicates with them to know about their experience in the labor market and benefit from it in improving the academic process and adapting programs to the needs of the labor market. اmore

University Services and Facilities

The University provides many facilities and services that contribute to providing a complete academic environment for students and achieving a distinguished university experience.

To view university facilities and services, please click here


Academic Exchange and Scholarships

The Arab American University is engaged in many international cooperation agreements, which include a group of academic student exchange programs. These opportunities can be found through the Projects and Grants Office.


Memberships in Arab and International Organizations

The Arab American University has taken great steps towards developing its facilities and laboratories in a way that enables it and its students to be present in academic forums at all levels: local, Arab, and international, in accordance with the basic vision that the University has set since its inception. It has gained memberships in:


University Ranking

The Arab American University participates in all international university rankings, most notably:

  • Times Higher Education
  • QS Ranking
  • GreenMetric

The University achieves advanced positions among Palestinian universities, and always seeks to raise its ranking to compete locally, at Arab level, and internationally. The following table shows the ranking of the Arab American University:


Local Ranking

Regional Ranking

World Ranking

QS World University Rankings Arab Region

for 2022

The fourth in Palestine


In the Arab Countries


2022 UI GreenMetric World University Rankings

The second in Palestine

159 in Asia

315  in the world

Times Higher Education

Impact Ranking

for 2023

The fifth in Palestine



Times Higher Education

Arab University Ranking

for 2023

The fifth in Palestine

161+ in the Arab countries



Certificate Accreditation

Arab American University is distinguished by offering distinguished educational programs that include different academic levels, from bachelor’s to doctoral degrees. As part of the University's continuous efforts to achieve quality and educational excellence, it has received wide and international accreditation for all its programs and degrees.

First: Local Accreditation:

Arab American University is proud that all of its programs and degrees are accredited locally by the Palestinian Ministry of Higher Education. These programs are delivered according to high standards and high-level educational requirements that reflect our commitment to providing education that meets the needs of the labor market and contributes to the development of society.

Second: Regional Accreditation:

Since its establishment in 2000, the Arab American University has graduated thousands of Palestinian students from the West Bank and from the Palestinian occupied land (the 1948 territory). The graduates have been distinguished and proven their presence in various fields of work. The various academic degrees awarded by the Arab American University are also accredited in the occupied Palestinian territory and our graduates work in all scientific, medical and practical fields.

Third: Global Accreditation:

The University's programs are considered among the most prestigious educational programs with international accreditation. Our certificates are keys to successful employment and the provision of educational services at the highest standard. The quality of our education enhances the University's reputation on the international stage.

The University graduates get opportunities to work in all local, regional and international institutions, and the certificate obtained by the students qualifies them in any location in the world after completing the equivalency procedures in that country. Holders of bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees can also pursue their graduate studies or research in all well-known international universities.

The University is proud of a large group of its graduates who have worked in advanced career positions, or continued to pursue their doctoral degrees and who work today in prestigious local and international academic institutions. More (see success stories of university graduates).


Global Databases

All Arab American University programs and degrees are listed in databases of accredited programs around the world. As part of the UNESCO World Universities, we have been registered and documented in international lists, confirming our excellence and global quality. All University data registered in the global universities database affiliated with UNESCO and the Association of International Universities can be viewed by clicking here .

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The University Provides the Following Facilities and Services



Primary Health Care

The University has a clinic that aims to provide health care for students, employees, and members of the local community. The clinic provides first aid in emergency situations (burns, wounds, etc.), and it also provides some medications, including pills and injections.

The University has an ambulance that is permanently on campus to deal with emergency cases which require transportation to hospitals outside the university.


Psychological Care and Guidance

Guidance is provided to students to emphasize the positive side of the student’s personality and exploit it to achieve her/his compatibility. It aims to acquire new skills that help achieve the demands of growth and compatibility with life and gain the ability to make decisions and build the student’s personality within the vision and mission of the University. Guidance is provided to individuals at all ages and in different fields; family and University. more

Deanship of Student Affairs

The Deanship of Student Affairs is the vital channel of university life as it is characterized by its extracurricular nature. It is considered the incubator for students’ extracurricular creativity and the place through which the student can practice her/his activities in all fields.

It also provides the student with the necessary means and capabilities to practice various activities in the cultural, artistic, sports and social fields, which will refine the student’s personality, highlight her/his energies and creativity, and develop her/his skills.

The Deanship of Student Affairs also contributes to solving all students’ problems, whether academic, financial, or social, that may benefit their educational journey, and also contributes to providing a safe environment. more

Female Student Dormitory

The University has a dormitory for female students equipped with amenities to ensure a distinctive study environment. The dormitory includes 110 residential rooms, and the student has the choice of staying in a single or double room or a suite, under the supervision of the Deanship of Student Affairs.


The University has a group of distinguished cafeterias for students and employees, equipped with everything necessary to provide food and beverage services. These cafeterias are distributed throughout the campus buildings.

The Police Station Construction Project Near the University Campus in Jenin

The University funds the construction of a police station near it, in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior and the Palestinian Police. Providing a police station means a lot to the University, students, and the local community surrounding the University campus in Jenin, as it contributes to providing security and safety, in addition to controlling traffic and vehicles

Sports Facilities

The University campus has a basketball, volleyball, football, handball and floor tennis courts, in addition to an international football stadium that complies with FIFA specifications, and a multi-purpose indoor gym. These services are run by an independent department.

University Neighborhood

The University campus is surrounded by hundreds of service facilities, student housing, restaurants, bookshops, shops, photocopying and printing services, and more.

University Library

The university has a central library that serves all students and members of the teaching and administrative staff. This library has thousands of books and references in Arabic and foreign languages, including the latest books and references in various specializations and topics, in addition to subscriptions in many Arab and international journals.

The library also has databases that serve all research students, allowing access to and review of several scientific and literary electronic fields. These databases are available on the University's website, and all library assets are counted.

The library also includes a hall equipped with computers and Internet, specially designated for scientific research and to facilitate accessing information and reviewing all new research articles.



In Conclusion

The Arab American University offers its students and graduates an opportunity to learn and develop in an academic environment that is accredited and appreciated at the local, regional and international levels. We are committed to providing educational opportunities that pave the way for a promising and bright future.


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