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Master in Medicinal Chemistry


M.Sc. in Medicinal Chemistry Offers candidates a platform for exploring the various dimensions related to this field so as to learn more about the interaction between chemistry and the living organisms.

Medicinal Chemistry requires a thorough understanding of molecules, their structures, properties and synthesis, but it also demands the chemical understanding of the nature of biological structures, from macromolecules to cells, the design of pharmaceutical materials in the laboratory and their function in clinical settings.

The work of developing new drugs to treat diseases begins with the medicinal chemist. The medicinal chemistry is an exciting and rapidly developing science concerned with the chemistry underpinning the design, discovery and development of new pharmaceuticals.

In this program, you will build on your undergraduate degree in pharmacy, chemistry, biology, or related field with thorough knowledge of the behavior of chemical substances at the molecular level.

The medicinal chemistry program can brings together the disciplines of chemistry and pharmacology in the design, synthesis and analytically examine drug compounds, as well as, development of pharmaceutical drugs.



  • Provide students with advanced knowledge and experimental techniques in research in the field of Medicinal Chemistry.
  • Train the students and enhance this ability to analyze and interpret data, design and conduct research in their field of expertise and apply analytical and critical thinking in reviewing literature.
  • Develop students ability to effectively communicate scientific information both orally and in writing to scientist and non-scientists.
  • Provide a challenging and innovate learning environment so as to prepare the students for further advanced graduate or professional programs or scientific careers in the pharmaceutical industries.
  • Develop the students ability to engage in life-long learning and exhibit professionalism with the highest ethical standards.



  1. Demonstrate critical thinking and judgement in relation to concepts, perspectives and recent developments in medicinal chemistry.
  2. Consolidate and synthesis knowledge of research principles and methods pertinent to medicinal chemistry
  3. Investigate, analyze and synthesis information, problems and theories associated with medicinal chemistry
  4. Design and evaluate hypotheses and methodologies by the performance of experiments
  5. Plan, execute and communicate the results of substantial research based initiatives in a reflective and ethical way for academic and professional practice
  6. Plan and conduct advanced organic chemical syntheses as well as syntheses and modifications of peptides, protein etc. relevant to the pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries.


Careers of Graduates

The knowledge and skills acquired in the course will leave graduate well equipped to compete for positions related to “drug discovery” in chemical, pharmaceutical or biotechnological companies.

This program is devoted to the education and training of students to become creative and independent investigators for position in universities, corporate laboratories, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries and hospitals.

The holder of an MSc in medicinal chemistry is able to:

  • Gained learning skills, information handling and presentation skills.
  • Understand the theory, application, preparation and analysis of drug molecules to a level that is appropriate to pursue a career in academia or industry.
  • Apply modern laboratory methods to the preparation, purification, evolution and application of drug molecules.
  • Describe and explain trends in drug approvals and drugs currently in the pipeline.
  • Explain the most important chemical, physical - chemical and pharmacokinetics properties of important groups of drugs.
  • Explain the properties and reactivity of heteroaromatic compound.
  • Identify scientific problem in relation to the design, synthesis and development of drugs.