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Master in Physiotherapy


Physiotherapists play a pivotal role in providing healthcare services to diverse client populations. When it comes to human's health, it is necessary to opt for the most knowledgeable, skilled and specialized professionals to seek the best care quality. Thus, a physiotherapist must have the necessary knowledge and competencies to work with a range of clinical conditions such as sports injury, aged care, stroke rehabilitation, head and spine injuries, pregnancy, respiratory issues and recovery post-surgery.

The local Palestinian universities strive to provide hospitals and centers of the public and private sectors with qualified graduates in physical therapy. However, there is a lack of highly-trained practitioners particularly in the fields of physical therapy due to the inexistence of postgraduate programs that offer focused specializations. Therefore, opening PT master program at AAUP will certainly pave the way to having specialized physiotherapists, improving the quality of services provided to clients with complex conditions and informing practice through conducting scientific research.

In fact, several official Palestinian Health bodies expressed their appreciation to offering this program at a local university accessible to most Palestinian students like the Arab American University. The physiotherapy association’s strongly supports the opening of the master PT program. Administrators of the Association believe that this program will definitely prepare well-qualified professionals who are able to lead the development in physiotherapy profession.

Currently, AAUP is contracting with Jacksonville University in Florida / USA for staffing the program with specialized faculty. This collaboration with Jacksonville University is more likely to represent a promising outset in releasing learners' creativity and improve the profession of physiotherapy in theory, practice and scientific research.



  • Enhance the academic and clinical level of the Physiotherapy graduates with various subspecialties in Orthopedics, Cardiopulmonary, Neurology, Pediatrics and Geriatrics.
  • Improve physiotherapists skills and attitudes that serve in the practical application of physiotherapeutic treatments.
  • Promote physiotherapy students’ flexibility and adaptation, professionalism and accountability in an ever-changing and developing health care environment.
  • Improve and promote the scientific research capabilities of physiotherapy graduates, and enable them to conduct scientific and productive research in addition to academic teaching.



  1. Exhibit experience in the field of physiotherapy in different organizations in international field of work, as well as in multi-professional teams and cooperation networks.
  2. Analyze the patient’s physical, psychosocial, functional problems and needs in accordance with effective treatment plan.
  3. Apply the latest knowledge of the effectiveness of physiotherapy in their work and have skills in research, entrepreneurship and team leadership.
  4. Utilize the methods of assessing functional capacity, health-promoting advice, therapeutic training, manual therapy, physical therapy, ergonomics and wellness technology, which help in training and coaching the mobility and functioning of the rehabilitation patient in different kinds of operating environments.
  5. Expand in society engage, promoting health and well-being.
  6. Develop ability to collect and evaluate data and improve research skills.
  7. Exhibit personal behaviors, attitudes and values that show awareness and commitment to legal and ethical issues in health care practice.


Careers of Graduates

The field of physiotherapy is growing rapidly and receiving considerable attention as part of the development and improvement of healthcare delivery globally.

Professionals with a Master’s in Physiotherapy have several career paths to choose from including:

  • Physiotherapist with advanced techniques: The graduate will be able to offer his therapeutic service to various clients with advanced new techniques. Nowadays, huge progress in the physiotherapy measurements raised in the health sector.
  • Academic instructor: responsible for an academic work in the class room.
  • Clinical field supervisor: controlling the training process through assigning trainee activities in the clinical location.
  • Researcher.
  • Home visit physiotherapist
  • Physiotherapy department director
  • Sport club physiotherapy team manager
  • Private physiotherapy center director
  • School teacher with disabled