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Master in Integrated Digital Media


In 21st media plays a significant role in the world, it’s increasingly clear that the world is not just consuming media; we’re experiencing it. The media communication industry is capitalizing on the potential of digital media, and to do that, they are seeing a growing need for design, creative, and digital media professionals that have the skills to take them into the future--keeping them competitive, relevant, and innovative. In that sense, innovation is also central to the mission of the Arab American University. While the AAUP Integrated Digital Media Program has a number of opportunities for students to develop entrepreneurial skills that aid the innovation process, there is still opportunity for more focus on innovation specific skills and strategies such as Design Thinking, Social Content Marketing, and brand management. 



  1. Integrated Digital Media will equip students with the critical knowledge, as well as the technical and creative skills for designing interactive digital experiences that push boundaries and drive international and Palestinian media forward.
  2. IDM program prepares students to successfully engage in a fast-growing and professionally rewarding creative field, since we live in the age of media and digitalization. 
  3. Integrated Digital Media will be focusing on significant areas in media field, therefore this program sheds light on the four areas of Image, Sound, Narrative, and Interactivity.
  4. The program culminates in a framework that combines theory and practice to showcase students’ creative and technical abilities that Palestinian market is need to it. 
  5. Our program, grounded in both the global techniques and public relations traditions, and with a particular emphasis on Palestinian and Arab media, encourages students to engage with the complexity of contemporary media.
  6. The program aims to build well-rounded, ethical and competent communicators, media scholars, educators, and policy experts with rigorous research and critical skills, and a solid theoretical foundation.



  • Students will be equipped of theory and practice since it’s an integrated program that combines emerging media and technology, mobile marketing, game design, creative mastery, and critical thinking.
  • Students will be able of producing creative content, design research and multidisciplinary experimentation with emerging media technologies. 
  • Students will be able to share their passion, experience, and study for media to the local and regional community, and to communicate their knowledge successfully in teaching, research, and community service.


Careers of Graduates

Our graduates will be qualified to be leaders in various sectors of the following fields: business, advocacy, service, entertainment, and education, or to work with those who experts in these sectors.