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Diploma in Education for Upper Basic Level - Teaching Arabic


  • Aware of the Palestinian education system, its philosophy and policies, laws, regulations and curriculum
  • Provide a learning environment that encourages positive interaction between students and teachers
  • Provide a suitable learning environment that encourages positiveness
  • Develop specialized curricula in accordance with the local and international standards
  • Aware of the changes and developments in the teaching profession
  • Determine different developmental characteristics, attributes of growth of upper basic stage students which are related to different educational theories
  • Develop creative, and critical thinking skills for both learner and teacher
  • Use new teaching methods and strategies in the classroom
  • Apply different evaluation strategies
  • Prepare daily and yearly effective teaching plans
  • Teach students according to their differential differences
  • Use technology effectively in the classroom
  • Acquire advanced knowledge of appropriate new teaching /learning and assessment strategies.
  • Acquire effective verbal and nonverbal interaction techniques