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Digital Management of Business


  1. Strengthen the students’ knowledge of best practices in both traditional business administration and digital business administration.
  2. Provide students with knowledge of the impact of the digital age on organizations and an understanding of the challenges of digital business transformation.
  3. Improve the student’s ability to use critical thinking and problem solving in managing innovation.
  4. Provide students with an understanding of the role of digital transformation in different types of organizations.
  5. Enable students to assess opportunities to propose digital transformation strategies to improve organizational performance.
  6. Provide the students with the skills needed to assume a leadership role in digital business administration.



  • Demonstrate proficiency in fundamental traditional and digital business administration principles and practices.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of emerging trends, challenges, and opportunities in digital business administration.
  • Develop management practices that promote innovation in an organization.
  • Formulate policies and practices that help promote an organization’s digital transformation.
  • Provide students with the analytical skills to understand the differences between business models, organizational structures and customer experience in traditional and digital businesses.
  • Apply critical thinking and problem-solving skills to propose solutions to management challenges faced by digital transformation.
  • Develop leadership and management practices that enable traditional and digital organizations to succeed in a rapidly changing environment.


B.Sc in Digital Management of Business with emphasis on:

- Business administration

- Digital Management

- Digital Business.