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Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Geographic Information Systems is considered to be the hub of data collection, analytics, managing data, and connecting it spatially. This technology has multiple layers of data and information and visualizes them using maps and 3D scenes, thereby revealing deeper insights into data, helping users make smarter decisions.

GIS is a new specialization in Palestine, AAUP has developed this program for its continuous efforts in developing new updated programs meeting the needs of the local and international markets and coping with all new technologies, this program was launched in September 2014 to be the first and only GIS program taught in Palestine following the structure of Faculty of Engineering and IT.


  1. provide students with the latest GIS.
  2. Focus on the newest applications of GIS
  3. Provide students with the technology skills of GIS
  4. Employ these different technologies for analyzing and treating GIS
  5. take advantage of modern technologies and remote sensing in applied environmental and geographical studies.
  6. present the interacting philosophy between the different sciences through GIS
  7. overview the latest spatial international studies to serve and develop contemporary societies.​
  8. graduate specialist for the need of the local and international market that support the decision – making unit.


GIS teaching program focuses on a clear hierarchy and scientific sequence starting from the principles to advanced courses then to applied courses. the program plan also focuses on the supplementary course as statistics, mathematics, computer courses, in addition to maps, remote sensing, programming, automation, surveying and global positioning system. It also teaches geographic courses that enable the student to work in school education due to his due to his knowledge in modern technology and theoretical materials.

The graduate will be able to collect data and treat it, as he will be able to establish new data using new technologies and connect it spatially, display maps by multi-formats, shapes and dimensions. In addition to conducting spatial analysis, relationships and topological impacts, for smart decision-making.

GIS bachelors program graduates professionals of this specialization to meet the needs of the market, as they participate in the developing process relaying on the applied spatial studies, as they are considered to be competitive personals and representatives of their companies and institutions in the research fields and GIS. The program also provides it students with the wide technologies enabling them to work in different fields, and enroll in local and international universities for higher studies.

Careers of graduates

GIS program provides the following career opportunities for its graduates:

  1. Support and decision-making units in various government institutions (Ministry of Local Government, Transportation, Housing and Public Works, Land Authority, Water Authority, Telecommunications, Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics, Meteorology, Education, etc.)
  2.  Municipalities
  3. Natural resources Dept.
  4. Banks, commercial & banking institutions
  5. Maps and survey Dept
  6. Research centers
  7. Land, sea, air and remote sensing research departments.
  8. Engineering and consulting companies.
  9. Computer companies and software development.