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Guidelines and Deadlines

Admission Guidelines:

At Arab American University we always work hard to insure our students enjoy their time in our campus and fulfill their need in education. We are here to welcome you and guide to through our admissions process.

here are some information you need to know for admission to AAUP:

1. After choosing your intended specialization you have to buy the Admission Card. You can get it from:

  • Financial Department at the university main campus, Jenin.
  • University campus in Ramallah, Abu Qash, Near Al-Rayhan neighborhood.
  • University Office in Haifa.
  • University Office in Rahat.
  • University Office in Majdal Shams.
  • PALPAY Service.

The Admission Card fee for Graduate Studies (Master’s degree and Higher diploma and Specialization) is 300 NIS non-refundable, and The Admission Card fee for Ph.D degrees is 500 NIS non-refundable.  

2. Log in to the following www.aaup.edu/apply to fill the online application.

3. During filling the application you can save it and return to modify it later then send it.

4. Upon completing the application, you must ensure that it is submitted electronically and then head directly to the Deanship of Admission and Registration at the university to submit the required documents to the registration officer.

5. After finalizing the admission procedures, which are: :

  • Submit the required documents to admission employee immediately after submitting the admission application electronically.
  • Pay the seat reservation fees after receiving the final admission notice from the Deanship of Admission and Registration.

You get a seat reservation document via email or a registration officer, which includes:

  • Your academic information (Faculty, Specialization and Student Number).
  • Your university portal and E-mail Log In information.

6. Head to the university student card issuing office in the Deanship of Student Affairs in Jenin Campus or the registration office in Ramallah Campus to issue your own university cardYou need to show the seat reservation letter.

7. Your first semester courses schedule will be uploaded to the portal, which can also be obtained from the admissions officer.

Note: Application status can be tracked at any time by going to home page in the online application and using the log in information from the admission card.



Deadlines for Spring semester of academic year 2023/2024:
  1. 02/01/2024 Start accepting admission applications.
  2. 22/02/2024 Deadline for accepting admission applications.
  3. 03/03/2024 Start of Semester and classes begin for Master’s and High Diploma programs.

Application Review Process
Admissions staff will review each application individually. The requirements will be checked and matched with the specific requirements of applicant's chosen specialization and decisions will be made, applying doesn’t mean you got accepted in the specialization.

Required original documents must be submitted with the application. Note that AAUP gives limited time frame to submit the required documents with your application.

Personal Interview
In some specializations student must succeed a personal interview, theoretical exam, or practical exam to complete the admission process.

Save Application Documents
Please keep the Admission Card and other documents until you get the final decision regarding your admission.