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Announcement: Start Accepting Applications for the Master in Cybercrimes and Digital Evidence Analysis for the Spring Semester of the Academic Year 2019/2020

Saturday, January 25, 2020

Arab American University announces the start date for accepting application for the joint Master in Cybercrimes and Digital Evidence Analysis with Palestine Technical University-Khadouri for the Spring semester of the academic year 2019/2020 to be from Monday Jan. 13th, 2020 until Wednesday Feb. 12th, 2020.


About the Program:

    Cyber security is starting to become more and more important for all aspects of life, as the internet criminals work continuously on stealing information, blackmailing and accessing people’s security. And so, the need for Information System specialists who have high and modern skills in Cybercrimes and Digital Evidence Analysis was urgent. High security institutions, educational and governmental institutions and lots of local and international firms will benefit from such services. This program will help the Cyber security experts in finding the resources they need to improve their skills.

    Out of our patriot and community responsibility, AAUP opened this program to meet the Palestinian and regional labor market needs, especially that this program is the first of its kind in the Palestinian universities.​


    Admission Requirements:

    1. Applicant must hold a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering or Application Computing or Information Technology or any related field, from an accredited academic institution from the Palestinian Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.
    2. Bachelor’s degree must be of at least a “Good” standing, or any equivalent rate.
    3. Applicant must have high school certificate in (scientific or technology or industrial) field.
    4. Applicant must pass the proficiency exam (Oral or written).


    Program Objectives:

    This program aims to improve the security capabilities in fighting against cybercrime and enhance initiatives that help in raising awareness among people and institutions, through the following:​

    1. Provide graduates with knowledge and basic skills that they need to participate as active members in the team or as team leaders in the digital evidence investigations.
    2. Prepare graduates to be able to have future jobs in the digital forensic examination, and to improve the forensic tools, to validate tools and evidences and to do security management.
    3. Provide graduates with the needed skills and knowledge and encourage them to do studies and advanced researches in computer sciences, especially in the cybercrime field.
    4. Educate graduates in oral and written communication skills to encourage them to solve problems and communicate as an expert forensic examiner or as a witness.
    5. Organize for a legal and organizational frame to enable a safe and secure cyber in Palestine.


    Careers of Graduates:

    • In governmental institutions like ministries, such as the Ministry of Telecommunication and Information Technology and the Ministry of Interior.
    • In non-governmental and private related-field institutions.
    • Research and teaching assistant positions in the local or regional universities.
    • To continue their higher education and get PhD degrees in related-field programs.
    • Cybercrime security expert.
    • Advisor in the cybercrime security and in technology.
    • Engineer in cybercrime security programs.
    • Manager/ Analyst/ Engineer/ Specialist/ Trainer in cybercrime security.
    • Advisor in the cybercrime security risk management.
    • Assistant to the Manager of data protection and privacy.
    • Identity and access management.
    • Engineer in Industrial Cybercrime System (ICS)
    • Engineer in Information Security.
    • Operation Manager in Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP).
    • Network and Security engineer.
    • Security and control specialist.
    • Security Operations Center Analyst.
    • Security Operations Center Manager.
    • Security technical operations Manager.


    Admission Application Instructions:

    1. Submission of admission applications will begin on Monday 13/01/2020.
    2. The (Admission Card) can be obtained for a master's degree through:
      • Financial Department at the main campus of the University in Jenin.
      • Ramallah Campus – AL-Rehan.
      • Admission application fees for Master programs is $150 USD non-refundable.
    3. Fill out the online application form available at (www.aaup.edu/apply) And enter all required fields.
    4. After submitting the application online, Applicant should go then to the Deanship of Admissions and Registration at the university main campus in Jenin or Ramallah site for submitting the original documents.
    5. Each application is reviewed and studied by a specialized committee. This process requires time to study each application separately.
    6. When the application is complete, and all requirements have been achieved the student will receive the final acceptance letter from the Deanship of Admission and Registration.
    7. The student should pay the seat reservation fee at any of our certified banks then get the seat reservation letter by Email or from the Deanship of Admission and Registration. Which contains the login information required for the educate portal and additional information.
    8. The student should issue a student card through the office of student affairs in Jenin campus or through the office of admission and registration in Ramallah campus to obtain the university student card, the student must show his seat reservation first.
    9. For further information, Contact the the faculty of graduate studies at 04-2418888 ext. (1471 or 1472) or at 02-2941999 ext. (5) or by e-mail at (PGSataaup.edu) or to contact the Deanship of Admission and Registration by telephone 04-2418888 ext. (3) or Fax 04-2510814 or by e-mail (DARataaup.edu).


    Required Documents: (Original and legalized copies of the documents below must be submitted in order to secure full admission)

    1. Fill out and submit the AAUP Application Form.
    2. Copy of the High School certificate (in Arabic or English) certified or equivalent by the Palestinian Ministry of Education.
    3. Original copies or certified photocopies (in Arabic or English) of the academic certificate and transcript ( certified by the Palestinian Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research ).
    4. Original birth certificate or a duly certified copy.
    5. Copy of the ID (local applicants) or a copy of the passport (international applicants).
    6. Recent personal photo (2 pictures).



    1. The deadline to apply for admission to the program if seats are still available, on Wednesday, 12/02/2020.
    2. Submitting the application form does not -necessarily- guarantee admission.
    3. Please keep Admission Card until you get the final status of the application.
    4. Credit Hour Fees: ($112) USD.
    5. Applicants for Graduate Programs may be subject to a written or an oral interview.
    6. Applicants in Graduate Programs may be asked to study some remedial courses.