Start Accepting Applications for the Joint PhD in Business Program with Indiana University, USA

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

The Arab American University announces start accepting the applications for the first program of its kind in Palestine

PhD in Business

Joint program with the Indiana University

In the United States of America

Starting on Tuesday 01/05/2018, those who want to enroll in the program can check its admission requirements, academic and financial information


Admission Requirements:

  1. A Bachelor and Master degrees from universities or recognized academic institutions by the Palestinian Ministry of Higher Education. One of the two degrees must be in a business-related field with a minimum GPA of 3.0 in the Master’s degree or 2.60 in the Bachelor’s degree or their equivalent
  2. Official valid GMAT score with (500) points or higher
  3. Succeeding in the personal interview


The Teaching Location:
The university campus in Ramallah.


The Professors:
The majority of the program’s professors are faculty members from Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP).


Admission Instructions:

  1. Applications are accepted at the beginning of the first semester every two years where they’re asked to read the application attached instructions.
  2. Holds a bachelor and master degree and the certificate should qualify the student to join the program.
  3. Students with a bachelor or Master certificate other than a Palestinian, will have their averages computed according to the University Council regulations.
  4. Students can fill the online application through the link (


The Required Documents:

  1. Fill out AAU online Application
  2. Copy of the High School certificate (in Arabic or English) certified or equivalent by the Palestinian Ministry Higher Education
  3. Original copies or certified photocopies (English) of the academic certificates and transcripts issued by all universities and academic institutions the applicant has enrolled or graduated from and be certified by the Ministry of Higher Education
  4. Three original recommendation letters (English) from professors or business officers addressed to the Arab American University and the University of Indiana. The recommendations must:
    1. Holds the organization logo to which the referee is associated with
    2. Signed by the reference
    3. Mentions the applicant's full name ( First, Middle and Family)t as it appears in the applicant’s academic certificate
    4. Mentions the name of the program (PhD in Business)
  5. Original experience certificate (English) if found
  6. Original copies or certified copy of the GMAT* scores (see remarks) below
  7. Statement of Purpose (English) addressed to the Arab American University and the University of Indiana, written and signed by the applicant. It is required that it:
    1. Is between one to three pages
    2. Covers the objectives, academic and practical experience, and the skills of the applicant
    3. Clarifies any inconsistencies between the C.V and the letters of references
  8. Writing samples from previous professional and research ones that measure the applicant written and research to join the program (English)
  9. Up-to-date resume (English)
  10. Original birth certificate or a duly certified copy
  11. Copy of the ID (local applicants) or a copy of the passport (international applicants)
  12. Recent personal photo (2 pictures)


Graduation Requirements:

  1. Succeed in 36 credit hours according to the specialization plan with a cumulative average of a minimum 3.00 GPA. The student should also pass the comprehensive examination and defend the doctoral dissertation
  2. Students must complete their studies within 5 years (including the summer semester)
  3. The program study plan consists of 48 credit hours, of which 36 are studied in the first two years including the comprehensive examination. Along with 12 credit hours for the thesis to be registered after successfully passing all courses.
  4. Completing all the conditions and requirements specified in the study plan. 


Academic System and Student Load:
The course load for the students in Ph.D. in Business program during an academic year is 18 credit hours. Such a load allows students the opportunity to complete the requirements of the Ph.D.’s degree in four studying years.


Admission Application:
Admission card fee is $150 USD. The program financial information can be found at the Finance Department of the Deanship of Admission and Registration.


Start of Semester and classes begin ( Expected in September 2018 ).





  • Bethlehem University is the only accredited center for the GMAT in the West Bank.
  • The score of the test must be 500 or higher.
  • Applicants can apply for the program starting May 2, 2018 and have until Sept. 6 to supply the GMAT scores


For further information, Contact the Faculty of Graduate Studies at 04-2418888 ext. (1471 or 1472) or at 02-2941999 ext. (5) or by e-mail at ( or ( or to contact the Deanship of Admission and Registration by telephone 04-2418888 ext. (3) or Fax 04-2510814 or by e-mail (