Tuition Fees for PhD in Business Program

The Tuition Fees for PhD in Business Program is

  1. The sum of the two years study program fees is $35000 (thirty-five thousand dollars)
  2. The thesis year fee is $5000 annually, so if the student needs more than one year to finish the thesis, he will pay $5000 fee per year
  3. If the student fails at any course, the fees for repeating it will be $1000 per credit hour
  4. Payment method:
    • ​Upon registration and acceptance for the first semester, $10,000 must be paid
    • ​By the beginning of the second semester (starts on 1/2/2019), must pay $5,000
    • ​On 1/9/2018, $10,000 must be paid
    • ​On 1/2/2020, $10,000 must be paid
  5. If the student pays the PhD program tuition fees at once upon registration will get a $5,000 fees deduction
  6. The mentioned fees are not refundable in case of withdrawing from the PhD program whether the fees be paid at once or on several payments