Office of Vice President for Admin and Finance Affairs

Vice President : 
Dr. Hassan Yasin
Contact Information: 

Phone #: 04-2418888 | Ext.: 1022
Fax #: 04-2510875


The Administration and Financial Affairs is responsible for financial issues that concern the University, including the University’s need to employ new administrative employees, etc.

The office pursues internal and external University projects and designs a development plan for the University, especially in regards to infrastructure. These efforts make the University harmonious to modern life and the students’ needs.

The office also contacts the local community concerning financial issues, and works to find new ways to cooperate between the University and the surrounding environment.

The office contacts the Palestinian Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research concerning financial issues, student loans and grants that the ministry gives to students in-need.

The office supervises and plans the Board of Directors’ regular meetings, and provides the financial and the administrative reports to the board as well as implementing plans to improve the University’s abilities.

The office plans and supervises the general body meetings, and provides the financial and administrative reports as well as implementing plans to develop the University.