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Institutional Review Board (IRB) - AAUP

One of the strategic priorities of the Arab American University (AAUP) is scientific research, which is regarded as one of the main missions of the university. Since distinguished scientific research contributes to solving some problems of the society, AAUP is unceasingly endeavoring to fulfill the highest standards of the scientific research and excel at various fields of knowledge while adhering to the ethics of scientific research. To accomplish this purpose, the university formed an Institutional Review Board (IRB).


The Institutional Review Board’s Vision

The board aims to safeguard the rights of the researchers and supervisors in the scientific research, and protect the rights and welfare of those participating as subjects in the research.


The Institutional Review Board Responsibilities

This board is designated to: 

  • Monitor the ethics of scientific research in terms of values, honesty, integrity, justice, equality, and objectivity. 
  • Monitor the commitment of the researchers to the ethics of scientific research for both research and experiments on living creatures.  
  • Maintain the safety of the researchers and research participants. 
  •  Apply bio-safety standards, and protect the environment. 
  • Assure the commitment of the university administration, faculty members, technicians, students, and staff to these ethics. 
  • Cooperate with other IRBs at research centers at both local and international levels. 
  • Preserve the rights of all parties involved in the research and experiments that are conducted on humans and animals. 
  • Review relevant research plans to recommend acceptance, take further action, or even reject them. 
  • Follow the recommendations of Nuremberg, the Helsinki Committee, and the World Health Organization in this regard. 


The Institutional Review Board / AAUP

Jenin Campus

Ramallah Campus

Dr. Reham Nazal / Committee Chairman

Dr. Sajed Ghawadra / Committee Chairman

Dr. Ahmad Ayed

Dr. Jumana Jaradat

Dr. Rezeq Samoudi

Prof. Mohammed. Awad / Dean of Scientific Research

Dr. Nouar Qutob

Dr. Mosaddaq Barahmeh

Dr. Wisam Abu Baker / General Director of Dr. Khalil Sulaiman Governmental Hospital

Dr. Amani Owda

Dr. Wisam Sbihat / General Director of the directorate of Health in Jenin Governorate


Application procedures

The researchers and supervisors must read the research ethics guidelines together with the research conducting guidelines before they submit the forms to the relevant campus board. 

Jenin Campus Ramallah Campus
Email: IRB.AAUPataaup.edu Email: IRB-Rataaup.edu
AAUP-IRB Application Form AAUP-IRB Application Form
AAUP-IRB Participant Information Sheet

AAUP-IRB Participant Information Sheet (Arabic)

AAUP-IRB Participant Information Sheet (English)

AAUP-IRB Informed Consent

AAUP-IRB Informed Consent (Arabic)

AAUP-IRB Informed Consent (English)



Research Ethics Guidelines