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Dental Center

Head of Center: 
Dr. Shockry Kalab

      The Dental Center, first of its kind in Palestine, it is the first step of a larger medical center, hopefully a teaching hospital in the near future. The Center runs by a group of professors, dental specialists and highly qualified nurses and technicians.


Provide practical training for students of dentistry in clinical phase (year level IV and v) and dental treatment of University staff, students and visitors of the local community, in addition to scientific research in all areas of the dentistry.

Contact Information: 

E-mail : shockry.mustafaataaup.edu
Phone # : 04-2518888 | Ext. : 1500
Fax : 04-2510971

Sub Units: 

Educational Dental Clinics

Oral & maxillofacial Radiology Office

Sterilization Room

Dental Laboratories



Six specialized dental halls of 89 dental chairs in total, with a purpose of education, treatment and research. Each of these halls is equipped with modern dental equipment and materials to cover all fields in clinical dentistry. The treatment taken place in these clinics is carried out by undergraduate students under a supervision of highly qualified specialists and is totally free of charge.

The Oral Radiology Department is another unique department in Palestine. This department is equipped with latest dento-maxillofacial imaging technologies to perform different types of x-ray images. This department is supervised by a specialist in the field of maxillofacial radiology, and the imaging procedures are carried out by a team of highly qualified x-ray technicians. The x-ray images provided by this department include panoramic (2D, 3D), all of skull projections (2D, 3D), TMJ, and all of different intraoral images. This department provide also a wide range of 3D and sectional imaging modalities, performed with a modern CBCT machine. The service provided in this department is performed under maximum safety precautions for patients and staff and according to international medical standards.

The Dental Center is equipped by a central device for continuous sterilization and infection control. Sterilization is performed according to the latest techniques in order to protect patients and workers and to prevent infection.

The Dental Laboratories are equipped with modern machines and instruments to manufacture porcelain teeth, chrome cobalt and acrylic devices, and implants. Qualified dental technicians run the laboratories.

A receptionist is present to assist patients in the Dental Center and to explain services provided by the Center.