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      AAU provides its female students with a well-equipped dormitory with WiFi, dinning area, safety guards, medical assistance, and much more. The dormitory contains 110 rooms. Female students can choose a double occupancy room, a single occupancy room or a suite each comes with campus view or city view. This dormitory is managed and supervised by the Deanship of Students Affairs.

      Living in AAU campus is a great way for you to get connected, meet friends, and be involved. To that end, AAU Dormitory offers a number of housing options for girls as follows:

Fees / semester

1150 USD

Single bedroom per semester

970 USD

Single bedroom as part of a Suite per semester

700 USD

Twin bedroom per semester

Note: Refundable upon checkout 150 USD are payable once.


Dormitory Fees Refund Policy

If a student withdraws after paying their dues to the dormitory, a percentage from the payment will be deducted as follows:

20% Loss If withdrawal before 06/10/2024
40% LossIf wirhdrawal from 07/10/2024 To 13/10/2024
60% LossIf wirhdrawal from 14/10/2024 To 20/10/2024
100% Loss If withdrawal starting from 21/10/2024

Note: all dates are based on the official Academic Calendar of the university.