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About our Journal

ISSN: 2308-2623

Journal of the Arab American University (Arab Journals Platform)

2021 Arab Impact Factor (AIF) = 3.50 معامل التأثير العربي

2018 Arab Impact Factor (AIF) = 3.07 معامل التأثير العربي


Frequency: Biannual


The Journal of the Arab American University is a Regional refereed scientific journal issued by the Deanship of Scientific Research at the Arab American University-Jenin / Palestine with ISBN 2308-2623.

The Journal publishes research in both English and Arabic with a commitment to the rules and standards of the scientific research. 

The Journal review is based on working with peers in the field of pure specialization. A research must be refereed and peer-reviewed before being submitted for publication. The Deanship of Scientific Research assigns two (or three) referees to evaluate the research paper, and if the reading needs modifications, the results will be sent back to the author(s) to make the required revision.

The Journal accepts research papers in different fields of humanities and natural sciences.

User's Manual: The Journal of the Arab American University : Authors are asked to prepare the manuscripts in compliance with the instructions of publication in the Arab American University Journal. Prior to submission, please make sure that the manuscripts conform to the guidelines detailed below.

Journal Correspondences : The authors can send their manuscripts to the Journal of the Arab American University via the email of the Journal srjataaup.edu.

Editor-in-Chief : Prof. Mohammed Awad / Dean of Scientific Research