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AAUP Radio ( 97.1 FM )

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Artist Title
  • Bulletproof
  • Director of Radio: 
    Mr. Mohammad Al Azmoti

    We are a University radio; a youth, social, cultural University Radio. We discuss our community issues in general, especially the community issues that the media does not focus on or give any attention. We aim to enhance and strengthen the Palestinian national identity by focusing mainly on the national cases to deliver its content to all Palestinians. Our work and interest is in the Palestinian land, and we broadcast to the whole world on 97.1 FM and through the live on our website via the Arab American University official website and the Facebook page of AAUP (AAUP Radio). Moreover, we focus on discussing and analyzing socio-cultural issues and events in a free and responsible manner, rather than transferring political news. The radio has a unique professional youth staff as we believe that youth are vital part of the Palestinian society.


    Our mission in AAUP Radio is to support, consolidate and develop a comprehensive media work that can be considered as an outcome of the needs and concerns of the people, and then we present our work on a national, professional and objective manner to connect the theory with practice. We focus specifically on the needs of specific groups of the society such as youth, women, farmers, and some geographical areas that are far from the official attention. AAUP Radio adopts various technologies and social media platforms to deliver its messages and achieve its objectives within a modern pace.


    As we emphasize on objectivity as being the core principle in media, we cannot claim neutrality. AAUP Radio is totally bias to Palestine, the Palestinian citizens, the Palestinian cause and to the social and economic Palestinian issues, along to the marginalized groups.

    Moreover, AAUP Radio plays a didactic and educational role to the University students and school students as it allocates a space to discuss the academic and educational programs, especially during the COVID-19 period. The Radio also adopts the interactive style as it hosts specialists to answer the questions of students. In addition, AAUP Radio provides training opportunities to the students of the Faculty of Modern Media and the Arabic Language and Media students in Arab American University. 

    • Education, media, broadcasting and culture.
    • Highlighting local community issues in order to serve the citizen and support local development.
    • Supporting the cultural life, literary production and the Palestinian art and shedding lights on its famous people.
    • Contributing in developing the academic field by discussing university educational issues.
    • Respecting pluralism and freedom of opinion and expression.
    • Supporting Palestinian youth and presenting their own issues within the general socio-political context.
    • Supporting Palestinian women and their rights by highlighting their national and social struggles.
    • Improving local media professionalism in form and content.
    • Offering training in various media skills for students and media professionals.
    • Enhancing and spreading the spirit of volunteering and group working, and strengthening the social fabric and supporting individual and group initiatives that serve this context.
    • Enhancing social accountability and individual responsibility based on the beliefs of individual's role in change.


    The general principles of editorial policy:

    The content of AAUP Radio does not contradict with the principles, regulations and mission of Arab American University. And as part of the social and national responsibility of AAUP and its official Radio, AAUP supports and strengthens Palestinian national unity and work to protect and benefit the supreme interests of the Palestinian people, and avoid anything that harm these interests. AAUP Radio is also committed to professional media work, seriousness, and perfection, and it avoids competition at the expense of professionalism. In addition, AAUP Radio focuses on supporting the employees of AAUP and showing their talents and energies to help them in their hard work in the community.


    Radio Staff:

    Mohammad Al Azmoti / Director of the Radio

    Abdullah Bazour / Technical/ Sound Engineer

    Azhar Al-Jeda’ / Announcer

    Hiba Jazara / Announcer

    Ahmad Maher / Announcer

    Mona Sabaaneh / Producer and Broadcasting Engineer

    Contact Information: 

    E-mail: radioataaup.edu

    Direct Phone #: 04-2510809

    Phone #: 04-2418888 | Ext.: 1137

    Fax #: 04-2510810

    Facebook: www.facebook.com/aaup.radio