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Deanship of Student Affairs

Dr. Bshar Draghmah

The deanship of student affairs establishes the extracurricular activities at the Arab American University. This has a great impact in building the students’ personality within the vision and the mission of the University and enables them to do their role positively on the level of the University and the community. This was done through enecting the extracurricular activities at the domestic level and the community level.

Contact Information: 

Tel :042418888, ext 1710
Fax : 042510811

Sub Units: 

Student Services Office

Student Loans and Scholarships Office

Cultural & Artistic Activities Office

Sports Activities Office

Student Representation Office


The Department of Student Services provides the services needed by students, such as issuing student cards, renting lockers, giving permissions to students who are late because of the barriers, following up the detainee students’ situations, giving students condition cards, and taking care of the girls’ dormitory.

The Department of Student Loans and Scholarships follows up on the supervision of social surveys, loans given by the Ministry of Education, and external grants and scholarships. These loans and scholarships are supervised by a committee of university employees headed by the dean of the students’ affairs.

The Department of Cultural and Artistic Activities supervises the atelier of the deanship, helps in arranging the artistic fairs and hosting some external fairs, and supervises the theater, the Dabka, the photography club, and the University Coral.

Department of Sports Activities supervises many sport activities. The department also follows up on the formation of the football team, the basketball team, the volleyball team, the tennis players, the athletics team, the chess team, and the karate team.

Department of Student Representation follows up on all the activities that concern the student union council and the students’ clubs