Sunday, April 19, 2020
AAUP Online workshop on Northern Ireland Peace Process

Irish representative to Palestine, the British political Consul and Belfast Civil Society expert join AAUP Online workshop on Northern Ireland Peace Process.

Online workshop via Zoom on Northern Ireland for the Conflict Resolution MA program. Dr Dalal Iriqat held an online workshop on the Peace Process of Northern Ireland that led to the Good Friday agreement, the workshop presented the Irish- British and Northern Irish perspectives. 


Sunday, April 12, 2020
Dr Christopher Sistrunk joined the Research Methods course meeting via zoom

During the research methods course offered to students at the Molecular genetics and gene toxicology Master‘s program, Dr Nouar Qutob had a guest speaker joining via zoom, Dr Christopher Sistrunk, who talked to the students about graduate research admissions, phd applications and research using real life examples. The Lecture had high student engagement with fruitful discussions. 

Dr Christopher Sistrunk is an Assistant Professor in the division of Health Equities and the division of Biomarkers of Early Detection and Prevention within the department of Population Sciences at City of Hope, USA. Dr. Sistrunk plays an important role in the overall mission of City of Hope as a leading NIH-Designated Comprehensive Cancer Center. Dr. Sistrunk serves as an enterprise-wide leader in administration, education, research, and community relations.

Monday, April 6, 2020
The Dean’s Council meeting through zoom

The Dean’s Council in the Arab American University started to hold its meetings using Zoom application to keep following up all the academic, financial, administration and students cases. They specifically discussed the continuous of the e-learning process to guarantee the success of this semester during the hard situations that the country is facing.

The council agreed to continuous meetings during the emergency period, hoping that this hard time will pass and all students, staff, faculty members and all Palestinian people will be safe and healthy.

Tuesday, March 31, 2020
Donation to the Palestinian Ministry of Health

Out of its social responsibility, AAUP handed the Palestinian Ministry of Health some medical supplies kits among its donation campaign, in order to support the efforts in facing the pandemic that hits this country and the entire world.

Dr. Yousef Asfour- the Head of the Board of Directors and Prof. Ali Zeidan Abu Zuhri- the University President handed Dr. Mai AlKaileh- the Minister of the Ministry of Health 200 medical supplies kits to help the workers in the health sector to continue their hard work in facing the pandemic that the entire world is currently facing, and to help in protecting health workers (doctors, nurses and health workers) all over the country.

Monday, March 30, 2020
Handing the donation to the emergency committee in Jenin

Out of its community responsibility, Arab American University provided a financial donation along with some medical and prevention supplies for the emergency committee in Jenin to help in facing the new Coronavirus.

Dr. Hasan Yassin- the VP for Financial and Administrative Affairs and Mr. Fathi Imour- the Public Relations Manager have handed Mr. Akram Rjoub- Jenin Governor and the head of the emergency committee and Dr. Wisam Sbaihat- the General Director of the directorate of Health in Jenin the financial donation and the medical supplies to help in preventing the city from the new Coronavirusand protect the medical workers in the city. 

Saturday, March 28, 2020
AAUP team qualified to represent Palestine in the HULT Prize 2020 Competition

Greeners team from AAUP was qualified to represent Palestine in the semifinal stage at the HULT Prize 2020 competition that will take place in Boston– USA later this summer.

The team that contains students Lina Zahaika, Noor Daraghmeh, Haytham Sharabati and Ahmad Asa’d was qualified after they participated in the regional competition that was held via internet through remote communication means following the emergency procedure. This competition was meant to take place in Rawabi city this month but was changed to this remote competition via internet due to the spread of the new Coronavirus- COVID-19, and now AAUP team and another team from Gaza will represent Palestine internationally.

Saturday, March 14, 2020
Arab American University

Prof. Ali Zeidan Abu Zuhri- the university president and the head of the emergency committee at the university, announced that Arab American University has completed the e-learning preparations through moodle platform that the university has experimentally started last week.

Prof. Ali Zeidan Abu Zuhri indicated that during the experimental period for the platform, it has witnessed a great interaction from students and faculty members. The platform proved its success in dealing with all types of electronic files and in its interactive environment between professors and students. Prof. Abu Zuhri added that AAUP will use all the facilities to enhance the work and the quality of the services provided through this platform. He asked all students to continue using it and follow the instructions that they receive on their phones as SMSs or on their emails or portals.

Sunday, March 8, 2020

AAUP administration held a meeting to discuss and put a plan to guarantee that the education process will continue working effectively during the emergency period in a way that guarantees the safety of students and staff.  

AAUP administration decided to start with the e-learning, and students and faculty members will be contacted through their emails, through SMS and on their Portals to get to know the procedures on how to use the system.

They also decided to hold meetings for the deans and head of departments’ councils to put a working plan that guarantee that the managerial work will continue as needed. They discussed the special cases of female employees who have children especially as schools and day-care are all closed, in addition to cases of staff who live in other governorates.

Friday, March 6, 2020
Accompanied by Eng. Zuhair Hijjawi- a Board of Directors Member, a delegation from the Palestinian Labor Council from Dubai and the Northern Emirates has visited the Arab American University.

Arab American University welcomed a delegation from the Palestinian Labor Council coming from Dubai and the northern Emirates. The delegation visited the university accompanied by Eng. Zuhair Hijjawi- a Board of Directors Member aiming to see the university and to have an idea about its academic programs, researches and its different training centers. In addition, they discussed the opportunities of future collaboration in some joint-interest fields.

Prof. Ali Zeidan AbuZuhri- the university President, the vices president and assistants to the president along with number of Faculty Deans were in the reception of the delegation.

Thursday, March 5, 2020
A clarifying photo of Doctor of Optometry Program

AAUP announced that it started teaching the Doctor of Optometry program in Ramallah Campus. This program will focus on eye primary care and early detection of eye diseases in Palestine, where lots of people face optical problems_ according to studies and statistics from the World Health Organization.

Doctor of Optometry Program is considered to be one of the distinguish programs that AAUP offers under collaboration with State University of New York (SUNY) which is one of the prestigious universities in the United States of America.

AAUP also asserted that there will be a meeting between faculty members from SUNY with the enrolled students in this program through video conference during the next week, aiming to discuss the studying plan and teaching techniques.