Wednesday, November 25, 2020
Part of the workshop about female students’ rights and the student movement in the Palestinian Universities

A workshop about enhancing the dialogue culture and gender entitled “The Reality of Female Students' Rights and the Student Movement in the Palestinian Universities” was organized by the Deanship of Student Affairs in AAUP with collaboration with the Faculty of Law and under the auspicious of the Ministry of Higher Education with partnership with the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation within Amal Project.

Dr. Bashar Daraghmeh- the Dean of the Deanship of Student Affairs opened the workshop by welcoming attending students and by stressing on the importance of student participation (both genders) in the activities organized by the university, especially the participation of female students in the student council elections in terms of candidacy or election

Thursday, November 19, 2020
Hassib Al-Sabbagh Center in AAUP Launches its New Website

Hassib Al-Sabbagh Center for Information Technology Excellence in AAUP launched its new website to ease the access to services, activities and projects of the center for all targeted groups and institutions.

The new website will provide a new unique experience to its visitors as it will be easy for them to navigate the links of the website, access to information, participate in interactive and knowledge activities, and register in the activities and training courses that are organized by the center. The website will be smooth and simple in order to ensure effectiveness in a way that meets the expectations of the beneficiaries of students, graduates, individuals and institutions of the local community.

Monday, November 16, 2020
The Board of Directors meeting

The development projects and the research and academic achievements were discussed in the meeting

The Board of Directors of Arab American University held its regular meeting in Jenin Campus to discuss the annual financial an administrative report and review some of the development projects, the academic and research achievements and the partnerships and collaboration relations between the university and the different centers and universities.

The Board meeting was headed by the Chairman of the Board of Directors Dr. Yousef Asfour with the presence of his deputy, Eng. Abdul Halim Muwahid and members of the board, Eng. Zuhair Hijjawi, Dr. Rashad Batta, Mr. Osaid Asfour, Mr. Baha’ Asfour, Eng. Mohammad Mowahid, Dr. Ra’id Dalbah and Mrs. Sabah Asfour either by being in the place of the meeting or through ZOOM. Also the meeting was attended by Prof. Waleed Deeb- the Academic Advisor of the Board of Directors and the Founding President, Prof. Ali Zeidan Abu Zuhri- the University President, Eng.

Wednesday, November 11, 2020
Speakers in the seminar of the 16th anniversary of the death of Yasser Arafat

On the occasion of the 16th anniversary of the death of Yasser Arafat, Arab American University hosted a seminar that was organized by the student council and Student movement in the Arab American University and Al Quds Open University in Jenin.

The seminar was attended by Brigadier-General Tawfik Tirawi –Fatah Central Committee Member, Mr. Akram Rjoub- Jenin Governor, Dr. Hassan Yassin – the VP for Administrative and Financial Affairs and some members of the student council and students of the university.

At the beginning of the seminar, the VP Dr. Hassan Yasin welcomed the guests and ensured that Arab American University will always encourage the activities, seminars, cultural and scientific conferences and all sport and political conferences in order to create well-educated generation.

Thursday, November 5, 2020
The genetic sequencing of COVID-19 in the infected people in Palestine

A first of its kind study in Palestine

In the time when the whole world is trying to fight, control and limit COVID-19 spread, and as we are trying to understand the pandemic status in Palestine, an international team from Arab American University, the Palestinian Ministry of Health and University College London prepared a study that is the first of its kind concerning the genetic sequencing of COVID-19 between infected people in Palestine.

The study shows that the genetic differences in Palestine is the same as it is in the whole world, and the research proved that Palestine had witnessed many extraneous cases at different times, and this means that there is no first case or patient number zero.

Thursday, November 5, 2020
Signing Agreement between AAUP and the Qatar Permanent Committee for the Support of Al Quds to Support the Students of Jerusalem

Prof. Ali Zeidan Abu Zuhri- the University President and Major General Bilal Natsheh- the Secretary of the Qatar Permanent Committee for the Support of Al Quds signed a partnership and collaboration agreement to support the Jerusalem students in Arab American University.

Prof. Abu Zuhri welcomed the Major General Natsheh and the accompanied delegation and praised the role that the committee does in supporting Jerusalem. He gave a detailed explanation about the university, its establishment period, its academic development, and the different unique BA, MA and PhD programs it provides. He ensured on the importance of the joint relations and partnerships with the national sector institutions to support students especially in the current hard economic situations that the Palestinian people are facing.  

Thursday, November 5, 2020
AAUP Organizes a Lecture for Students of the Faculty of Law Entitled "Torture is a Humiliation to Human Dignity"

Within the “Torture is a humiliation to human dignity” project, the Faculty of Law in Arab American University and under collaboration with “Hurryyat Center” to defense civil freedom and rights has organized a lecture about the concept of torture according to what is stipulated in the Convention and Criminalization of Torture.

Dr. Rizq Samoudi- the Dean of the Faculty of Law said that according to the agreement between Arab American University and Horryyat Center, the faculty has organized this lecture about the torture concept according to what is stipulated in the Convention and Criminalization of Torture, the documentation of torture violations according to the Istanbul Protocol, the activating of national legal measures to prevent torture, and accountability to those who practice it.

Wednesday, November 4, 2020
AAUP- Ramallah Campus Organizes a Graduation Ceremony for the Training Course about "Arbitration, Contracts and Conflict Resolution"

With the participation of 9 trainees from different sectors, Arab American University– Ramallah Campus organized a graduation ceremony for the 30-hour training course “Arbitration, Contracts and Conflict Resolution” that was organized by the Continuing Education Center in Arab American University under collaboration with the Global Professional for Educational Projects.

The graduation ceremony was attended by Prof. Ali Ziedan Abu Zuhri- the University President, Mr. Mohammad Zeyara- the Minister of the Ministry of Public Works, Mr. Riyad Atari- the Minister of the Ministry of Agriculture, Dr. Mohammad Haj Qasim- the Head of the Supreme Constitutional Court, Mr. Walid Assaf- the Chairman of the Wall and Settlement Resistance Commission and a representative of the Military Training Body.

Wednesday, November 4, 2020
AAUP Hosts the Conclusion of the Squash Arbitration and Laws Study Course

Arab American University hosted the conclusion of a course about “Arbitration and Laws Study of Squash” in its sport facilities that was organized by the Palestinian Federation of Racquet Games under collaboration with Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)- Ramallah and Jerusalem’s Sport Federations Group.

The ceremony was attended by the Head of the Palestinian Federation of Racquet Games and the lecturer in the Faculty of Sport Sciences in AAUP, Mr. Uday Daraghmeh, Mr. Yousef Fathia- the Head of the Sport Programs in YMCA and a member of the executive office of Jerusalem’s Sport Federations Group, Mr. Fredo Hazo- a Palestinian Squash Arbitration Expert, and Mr. Fathi Shqair- a Member of the Squash Committee in the Palestinian Federation of Racquet Games. And many Squash players and trainers participated in the course from all over the West Bank.

Wednesday, November 4, 2020
The Palestinian Team of the Palestine National Athletics Federation

As part of its support system to the Palestinian sports, Arab American University hosted the trainings of the Palestine National Athletics Federation in its stadium.

The Head of the Sport Facilities in Arab American University, Mr. Uday Daraghmeh said that Arab American University is fully prepared to host and welcome all the trainings of the Palestinian Sports Federations as part of its support and contribution in all the Palestinian sports. He explained that AAUP welcomes all Palestinian sport teams to organize sports leagues or trainings either in the International Stadium or the Sports Hall or even in its Olympic Swimming Pool.