Tuesday, November 12, 2019
AAUP Organize a Seminar Entitled " Jurisprudence Matters in Islamic Banking Transactions "

The Faculty of Administrative and Financial Sciences organized a seminar entitled "Jurisprudential Matters in Islamic Banking Transactions", the seminar hosted by Shari'a Controlling Department in the Palestinian Islamic Bank.

The seminar was attended by the Dean of Faculty of Administrative and Financial Sciences Dr. Abdul Basit Rabayah, the head Shari'a Controlling Board of the Palestinian Islamic Bank Dr. Ali Sartawi, along with Prof. Hussam ElDin Afaneh member of Shari'a Controlling Board, Bank Manager in northen region Khetam Abu Attia, and other Representatives of specialized banking institutions, faculty members and university students.

Tuesday, November 12, 2019
Jenin Municipality Honors AAUP President Prof. Abu Zuhri

The Mayor of Jenin Mr. Fayez Al-Saadi honors AAUP President Prof. Ali Zaidan Abu Zuhri, in the presence of the Director of Academic Affairs in the General Directorate of Police Colonel Mansour Khazimieh. The Professor was recognized for role in enhancing AAUP position academically and on research levels. As for his great role in serving the local community in Jenin Governorate.

Tuesday, November 12, 2019
AAUP and Arab Islamic Bank Finished a Training Course About Pioneers in Islamic Banking

The Deanship of Student Affairs at AAUP and Arab Islamic Bank, graduated 33 students from specializations of the faculty of Administrative and Financial Sciences, after finishing the training course entitled "Pioneers in Islamic Banking".

The training course included several topics in commercial banking and in Islamic banking in particular, and created a closer picture of practical experience and academic theory, worked on enhancing student’s skills. The training was presented by Arab Islamic Bank directors who have years’ experience in banking. the course was for one month, 36 training hours.

Tuesday, November 12, 2019
Dr. Dalal Eriqat

Dr. Dalal Iriqat from AAUP - Faculty of Graduate Studies and a lecturer in Conflict Resolution and Strategic Planning master programs, presented a research paper entitled "The New 21st Century Mediator in the Middle East" at an academic workshop entitled The Mediation of the 21st century, hosted by the Foundation for Progressive Studies at Durham University.

 entitled "Mediation of the Century." Twenty one" .

This visit is part of AAUP interest in supporting academics in scientific research in all fields, and to find local, regional, and international solutions through scientific research and academic exchange.

Sunday, November 10, 2019

The Faculty of Nursing at AAUP won the Distinguished institution award for the year 2019 among Arab Universities, which was chosen by the General Secretariat of Scientific Association of Arab Nursing Faculties of Association of Arab Universities.

The Faculty of Nursing at AAUP is known as an international typical faculty equipped with world-class labs and devices. The academic teaching in the faculty is delivered by professional faculty members that are capable in graduating distinguished graduates locally and internationally.

Wednesday, November 6, 2019
A Friendly Match Between AAUP Employee Team and Directorate of Education Employee Team in Tulkarm

A friendly match between AAUP Employee Team and Directorate of Education Employee Team in Tulkarm for the leader Yasser Arafat (Abu Ammar) death memorial

Wednesday, November 6, 2019
Part of the workshop

AAUP in partnership with Preventive Security Organized a workshop entitled "Become an unforgettable person on Social Media”

AAUP President Prof. Ali Abu Zuhri welcomed the delegation from the Preventive Security presented by Brigadier Muhannad Abu Ali Authority Director in Jenin Governorate. Where The two sides discussed many issues for providing a safe environment at the university.

VP President for financial and administrative affairs, Dr. Hassan Yassin, the dean of student affairs Dr. Bashar Daraghmeh, and AAUP social worker Dr. Laila Herzallah also welcomed the delegation.

The awareness workshop was held at the conference hall, where the supervisor Herzallah pointed out the importance of such awareness workshop for the students to prevent them from any harm and this is the responsibility of the officials.

Wednesday, November 6, 2019
AAUP Organizes a CPR Training for Police Authority

The Heart Center at the University, which is recognized by the American Heart Association, organized a training course in CPR for Palestinian police officers.

The Training was presented by Ahmad Hadrab and official trainer from American Heart Association at the University Heart Center. This training comes as a part of a joint cooperation agreement between the university and the police authority, main topics of the training are basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation, how to deal with electric shock devices, and suffocation treatments.

The course targets security and police services for its importance in enhancing the participant’s skills regarding CPR emergency issues during their daily duty for the sack of protecting citizens in crisis.

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

The Deanship of Student Affairs at the University organizes an entertainment day for its students

Tuesday, November 5, 2019
AAUP Welcomes a Delegation From the Military Training Authority

AAUP President Prof. Ali Abu Zuhri, PR Manager Mr. Fathi Amor, welcomed a delegation from the Military Training Authority, that included the Assistant Commander of the Senior Officers Brigadier Bassam Al-Jabri, Head of Leadership Training Program/ studies Colonel Amjad Juma in addition to 40 officers holding various military ranks.

During the reception, Prof. Abu Zuhri talked about the university’s achievements, goals, vision and philosophy, and its unique academic programs in doctoral, master and bachelor degrees, in addition to the university's scientific and academic partnerships with many American and European universities, aiming for experience exchange, and joint academic programs to meet with the needs of Palestinian labor market, global market and latest sciences and technologies.