Wednesday, April 27, 2022
AAUP Is Organizing A Training Event For Students Of The Arabic Language And Media Department Around The Principles In Economic Journalism

The Arabic Language and Media department in the faculty of Arts at The Arab American University organized a training event under the tile “principles in economic journalism” that targeted the department’s students in cooperation with the network of economists journalists and the Palestinian Press Union.

In presence of the representatives of the commercial journalists network Ayham Abu Gosh and Yousef Al-Zawawi, the Palestinian Journalists Union, Dr. Imad Abu Hasan the head of the Arabic Language and Media Department, Saeed Abu Mulaa the vice dean of the Modern Media Faculty, and Dr. Mahmood Khloof a lecturer at the Arabic Language and Media department.

Wednesday, April 27, 2022
AAUP And Al-Awqaf Directorate In Jenin Are Arranging A Seminar on "Jerusalem And Al-Aqsa In the Shadows of Night Of Decree"

The jurisprudence and law department at the faculty of law at The Arab American University organized a seminar for students under the title “ Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa in the shadows of night of decree” in association with Al-Awqaf directorate in Jenin City.

Sheik Mohamed Abahra, one of the employees at Al-Awqaf Ministry, was hosted in the presence of the Dean of the law faculty Dr. Rizk Samoudi, the head of the jurisprudence and law department Dr. Medhat Al-Ahmad, members of the academic and administrative body, and university students.

Wednesday, April 20, 2022
AAUP Announces The Beginning Of Preparations To Celebrate The International Environmental Day This June

The Excellence for Climate Change at The Arab American University announced the start of preparing to celebrate the international environment day by organizing a unique activity at AAUP's campus in Ramallah. Each year on this day, it's celebrated all over the world on the 5th of June.

This announcement was agreed on during a meeting that was held at AAUP's campus in Ramallah that the Excellence for Climate Change board of directors, representatives from the environmental quality authority "Al-Sharika”, water authority energy authority, meteorological directorate, ministry of agriculture, the nature of Palestine association, and the environmental education center attended.

Wednesday, April 20, 2022
AAUP's Heart Center Receives An International Approved Promotion By the American Heart Association

The Arab American University's heart center received the Faculty (TCF) AHA approved Training Center which is an international approved promotion by the American Heart Association, following the completion of a training course in BLS and ACLS in addition to training and meeting the requirements in collaboration with King Hussein Cancer Center.

This accreditation means that The Arab American University's Heart Center has reached to a level of intentional instructor and is qualified to train instructors for the center to work in a variety of courses.

Dr. Imad Abu Khader, the director of the heart center at The Arab American University, pointed out how this accreditation will make the heart center an honorable and creditable resource for all centers and instructors in Palestine. He also indicated that Mr. Ahmad Hodrob has received the TCF BLS and Mr. Farid Abu Al Lail, received the ACLS TCF.

Wednesday, April 20, 2022
AAUP Receives The “UNESCO” Chair For Data Sciences For Development

The Arab American University announced that it received the “UNESCO chair for data sciences” and chose Dr. Majdi Owda, the head of the natural, engineering, and technology sciences department, as the chair holder.

Abu Zuhri praised the efforts that all of the contributing parties have put into achieving this scientific and national achievement which consisted of the National Palestinian Committee for education, culture, and science, the Palestinian Central Statistics Organization, and the Palestinian Delegates for the UNESCO, and the Palestinian Higher Education Organizations.

Sunday, April 17, 2022
AAUP Council Of Directors Chairman And The Director General Of The Civil Defense Are Studying Ways Of Mutual Cooperation

The Arab American University's council of directors chairman,Dr.Yousef Asfour, visited civil defense headquarters in Ramallah City and met with its director general, General Al-Abed Ibrahim Khalil, in order to study ways for mutual cooperation between AAUP and civil defense.

Along with AAUP’s council Chairman, Dr.Yousef Asfour, was Mr. Faleh Abu Arra the director general of The Arab American University. They were greeted and welcomed by the General of the civil defense, Khalil, and he praised AAUP’s rule which has an evident imprint on the academic field, scientific research, and serving the local community.

Wednesday, April 6, 2022
AAUP Organizes a Discussion Session for "sata'r Alatma" Novel

The deanship of students’ affairs at The Arab American University have organized a discussion session for its students about a novel called “Sata’r Alatma” for the author Waleed Hodali who participated in the session by zoom, in the presence of Dr. Jamal Hiwal, a lecturer in the department of science and culture in the faculty of Arts, and Loay Tafash, the administrator of cultural and artistic activities in the deanship of students’ affairs.

Dr. Jamal Hiwal opened the session and welcomed the audience and participants. He then expressed how happy he is because of the students interest in Palestinian novels and prisoners issues, pointing out that the novel reflects the worries of Palestinian prisioners inside of the occupation’s prisons and how they face oppression by the prison wardens. He also asked the students to read the novel thoroughly because it has a lot of information and knowledge regarding what Palestinians can do if they get arrested.

Monday, April 4, 2022
AAUP Master Student Wins the 2nd Place in the Islamic Palestinian Bank Award for Scientific Research

Nael Abed Aljabar Zaidan, a researcher and  computer science student at The Arab American University, won the second place in the Islamic Palestinian Bank Award for scientific research for the year 2021-2022.

During a celebration that was organized by the ministry of higher education and scientific research, and the Islamic Palestinian Bank at the national institute for educational training,  it was announced that the researcher won second place and he received a reward in the presence of The Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Prof. Mahmoud Abu Mowais and the director of the Islamic Palestinian Bank Dr. Emad Alsadi.

Monday, April 4, 2022
AAUP Library Concludes the Workshop for Al-Quds Open University Students in Tubas That's About the Library's Artwork

The Arab American University’s library concluded the workshop about the artwork of the library. The workshop was directed to Al-Quds Open University students, Tubas branch. The students were trained by Mr. Hassan Alsaid, the director of the university’s library, and the library’s staff.

Mr. Alsaid, the director of the library, said that the workshop included several topics such as indexing and categorization, borrowing and the working mechanism of the database. He also pointed out that the library is standby to organize other workshops for the local community and Palestinian university students under the frame of  emphasizing the importance of libraries and how they work.

Thursday, March 31, 2022
AAUP displays a play called "A'la Al Dawar" for the Palestinian artist Alaa Shihada

The Arab American University, Ramallah campus, a play called “A’la Al Dawar”, for the Palestinian artist Alaa Shihada.

Mr. Mohammad Sabaneh, vice dean of the faculty of modern sciences, indicated that AAUP is preparing a variety of activities for its students so they can have the needed skills. He also alluded that the display of the play is the first step in this long path.

The play is a 55 minutes’ monodrama (one actor), that shows the main daily issues that Palestinian citizens suffer from and highlights the life of those who live in villages because of the traditional lifestyle and the common concepts about villages.