Wednesday, March 9, 2022
AAUP Launches the Palestinian Day for Media Simulation in Ramallah Campus

In a ceremony that was organized in Arab American University- Ramallah Campus, the Faculty of Modern Media in AAUP launched the activities of “the Palestinian Day for Media Simulation” that continued for two days.

This activity was organized under joint partnership with the Ministry of Education and some media organizations and educational institutions in Ramallah which are interested in media education. The activities targeted the high school students in public and private schools in Ramallah, Albireh, Jerusalem and Birzeit.

The activities of “The Palestinian Day for Media Simulation” aim to create an area of communication between high school students and the media and civil organizations in order to introduce students to such organizations and how they perform.

Thursday, March 3, 2022
An Agriculture House in AAUP Depending on the Artificial Intelligence

In order to improve the agriculture environment in the university, Arab American University established an agriculture house that depends mainly on the artificial intelligence. The idea of this house is to register accurate and correct readings of the needs of the plants from water to fertilizers to fight pests and diseases, and this will lead to increasing the agricultural production in Palestine in general and in Jenin governorate specifically.

This agriculture house is considered to be an important station to the agricultural researches for students and professors of the related fields and to those who are interested in the field from the different Palestinian ministries.

Wednesday, March 2, 2022
Continuous Work to Open the Prosthetics Factory in AAUP

The largest in the Middle East and on an area of 1800 m2, engineers, technicians and representatives of international companies work continuously to prepare and finalize the work in the prosthetics factory in Arab American University. The factory will be opened soon to provide services to a large category of students and the local and Arab communities.

In one of the laboratories, the engineer and the technician are checking the devices and tools after installing them, in another lab, a technician is installing devices, and in the third lab you can hear the sound of devices working. On the entrance of the laboratory, workers are moving the rest of the tools and devices to the inside of the factory; the place is like a beehive that is working to prepare the opening of the factory as soon as possible.


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