Saturday, January 11, 2020
The Poster of Al Khan Al Ahmar film by Amneh Abu Arrah

“Al Khan Al Ahmar” film got nominated to compete among 20 other Arabic and foreign films in the 5th Wasit International Film Festival, the musician Nasser Shamma course.

The festival management team announced that they chose 20 Arabic and foreign films out of the 350 films that were submitted, those 20 films will participate in the official competition for the 5th edition of the festival.

Al Khan Al Ahmar film was directed by Amneh Abu Arrah who is an Arabic Language and Media Department graduate and it was supervised by lecturer Sodqi Mousa.

The film is about the suffering of Al Khan Al Ahmar village as a result of the Israeli attack that aims to evacuate all it residents. The film focuses on the resilience of Al Khan School and its children.

Sunday, January 5, 2020
AAUP Pharmacy Students in a Field Trip to Al Quds Pharmaceutical Company in Ramallah

The Pharmacy students in AAUP have organized a scientific field trip to Al Quds Pharmaceutical Company in Ramallah aiming to be introduced to the work mechanisms of this medical company.

Dr. Tha’er Abdel Ghani- the Head of the Pharmacy Department has accompanied students in their trip. He indicated that the goal of this visit is for students to have an idea about the Palestinian pharmaceutical companies, their work mechanisms, the pharmaceutical production lines, how the production lines are working according to pharmaceutical quality standards and the best ways to maintain a clean and safe industrial environment.

Saturday, December 28, 2019
Interior Architecture students of AAUP while listening to an explanation about the old town of Kofor Aqab in their field trip to the place

Students of the Interior Architecture program in AAUP that is offered as collaboration with the Academy of Fine Arts of Verona – Italy, organized a field trip to Kofor Aqab old town – Jerusalem, as this trip contributes in enhancing the practical side of their specialization and it is part of the students’ project in the Design Elements course.

Eng. Rinad Shqairat, who teaches the “Design Elements and Forming” course at AAUP said that: “this visit to the old town aims to enhance the awareness of students of the main elements for forming through the architecture space, by watching and analyzing the Palestinian way of traditional buildings and traditional architecture.” She indicated that she invited Eng. Yara Bamia from Rawaq Institution, an institution works on reviving the old towns in Palestine, and Eng.


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