Monday, June 15, 2020
Part of the practical training for the Students of the Faculty of Sport Sciences

The Faculty of Sport Science in Arab American University resumed the practical trainings for its students for spring semester 2019/2020 courses, taking in consideration all safety precaution procedures and social distancing that was determined by the Ministry of Health, especially after changing the educational process to be all through e-learning after the spread of Coronavirus.

The faculty began with the practical training for courses like football, swimming, athletics, basketball, gymnastics and other practices and trainings.

Sunday, May 31, 2020
Part of the safety precautions that were applied in AAUP

The Administration of Arab American University has emphasized that they took all the precautions since day one of the emergency after the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) to establish a safe environment for employees and students, following the instructions of the Palestinian Ministry of Health that were announced concerning the safety of the Palestinian universities.

Prof. Abu Zuhri said: “Following the instructions announced by the Prime Minister Dr. Mohammad Ishtayyeh that were directed by President Mahmoud Abbas- President of the State of Palestine, AAUP has managed to complete the emergency period successfully, wisely and with great responsibility.

Saturday, May 30, 2020
Student Isra’ Harazneh who won the 2nd place and student Abeer Mas’oud who got the 13th place in the short story competition

Isra’ Farouq Harazneh, a Computer Systems Engineer student in the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology won the 2nd place in the short story competition of the year 2019/2020 themed “Deir Yassin Massacre ...

Dr. Bashar Daraghmeh- the Dean of Student Affairs congratulated both students for winning and expressed how proud he is of the Arab American University students who always seek winning in local and international competitions. Dr. Daraghmeh also appreciated the role that AAUP does to provide all the needed support for its students and help them be creative in all fields.


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