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Language Center

Head of Center: 
Mr. Hasan Kmail

The Language Center at the Arab American University was established in 2000. Every semester the center serves nearly 3000 students from various disciplines with the aim of improving the performance of students in the four skills of English: reading, writing, listening and speaking.

The center teaches English language courses in three levels – Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced – which are compulsory for the undergraduate level. Students may be exempted from one or more of these courses based upon their scores on the placement test.

The Language Center’s exams are computerized to ensure rapid feedback and impartiality.

AAUP seeks to provide the best level of English instruction through hiring competent faculty members (both native speakers of English as well as Palestinians specialized in TEFL) and adopting modern, eclectic pedagogical methods in language teaching.

The Language Center has six English language laboratories, each of which holds 30 students. The purpose of these laboratories is to help the students master listening and speaking skills.


The Language Center aims to help the students become competent and confident communicators in English to successfully complete their academic studies and afterwards compete in both the domestic and international job markets.

Contact Information: 

Phone #. 04-2418888 | Ext.: 1451 
E-mail : hasan.kmailataaup.edu


The center conducts a placement test for all incoming students to determine the level of their English proficiency.

The center offers an entry language program comprising three different levels: Beginning English, Intermediate English, and Advanced English.

The center offers two language-lab hours per week for both Intermediate and Advanced levels of English.



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