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FAQs ( Frequently Asked Questions )

  1. What qualifications do the teachers have?
    Course teachers have either a doctorate or master’s degree. Lab teachers are “teaching assistants”, so they must have at least a B.A. degree, but many of them are currently pursuing or have already completed a master’s degree.
  2. What is the maximum group size for language classes?
    The maximum number of students in a course class is 35 students. It should be 30, but sometimes for exceptional cases we open the section up to 35. Labs are computerized, so there’s no way to include more than 30 students in each lab.
  3. What are the categories according to which the students are classified to after the Placement Test?
    Students receiving a "Pass" do not need to register for any of the English levels (courses).
    Students receiving an "Advanced" score are required to register for the Advanced level.
    Students receiving an "Intermediate" score are required to register for Intermediate and then Advanced levels.
    Students receiving a "Beginner" score should register for all three levels.
  4. What is the placement test?
    The “Placement Test” is a test which establishes students’ proficiency level. The placement test is divided into four parts: grammar, sentence reading, paragraph reading and listening. It lasts for approximately an hour and a half.
  5. What kind of English textbooks are used at the English Language Center?
    The books used at the ELC are the British series “Unlock” published by Cambridge University Press. Students at each level study the four skills grouped into two books: Unlock for Reading and Writing and Unlock for Speaking and Listening. The reading and writing skills are taught in course classes, whereas the speaking and listening are taught in the lab. Both tracks offer students a face-to-face component and online electronic exercises. For students to be able to reach the online component, they will have to register into the Learning Management System provided by Cambridge University Press using the book codes inside the cover of their books.
  6. How are students assessed in their courses and labs?
    Students will take two exams: a midterm exam (20%) and a final exam (40%). The rest of the marks are for quizzes and participation, 15% for course and 25% for lab.