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Presidents’ Assistant for Information Technology Affairs

President Assistant: 
Mr. Bahgat Ayasi

     The office is responsible for all aspects of technology at AAU, which includes budgeting, IT services planning, IT management and IT Vision. It works closely with other planning entities in the university to boost IT services when possible, so we can accomplish the university vision in automation of processes to keep up with the latest technology trends and to employ IT services in the educational process.

Contact Information: 

Email: bahgat.ayasiataaup.edu
Phone #: 04-2418888 | Ext.: 1131



Quality Assurance and Data Security Unit: applies policies and procedures to guarantee the quality of software products in terms of functional and non-functional requirements. It also conducts test scenarios to guarantee data and software security requirements.

Department of Planning and Systems Analysis: plans and develops software solutions that automate the university administrative and academic processes in coordination with the related departments and entities. We implement the latest technology standards and techniques to develop secure, robust, reliable and usable software systems, as well as adding services to enhance the quality of our solutions

Programming Unit: responsible for analysis, design, implementing and testing of software products, besides providing technical support and reporting our productive software systems

Database Administration Unit: responsible for the administration and operation of the university databases; the main task is to guarantee the availability, security, backup and reliability of the critical university data.

Department of Networking and Technical Support: responsible for maintaining the university computer network installation, management and support. In addition to this, it provides technical support for the university community. The department guarantees availability, reliability and security of the computer systems operating within the university network.

Network and Communications Management Unit: performs the necessary tasks of managing the university computer network, including planning, installation and support.

Systems Management Unit: performs the necessary tasks of the server systems installation, updates, security policy..etc.