Events 2022

Aug 2022

Aug 01

The Arab American University-Palestine and Schwlar ( Scholarship Worldwide) ,that is interested in the academic field all over the world, are pleased to invite you to participate in its 4th international conference which will include a large variety of researchers and academics from different countries around the world by presenting completed researches, research projects and paperwork.

Recent Trends of International Relations, Media, Social Sciences & Education (ITIRMSE-22) for the period between the 1st and 2nd of August in Ankara, Turkey.

May 2022

May 10

The Arab American University invites you to attend AAUP’s book fair event which the Palestinian Publishing houses are participating in.

You’re Welcome

Mar 2022

Mar 28

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Events 2021

Dec 2021

Dec 23

The Deanship of the Faculty of Sports Sciences cordially invites you to attend the scientific meeting among its scientific activities that will be presented by Prof. Maree Salameh Younis under entitled “Positive Psychology in the Sports Field”

Dec 07

We invite you to attend the comedian show entitled “Hetan” (Walls) done by Banoura brothers. The story is about two building janitors who discuss the current political and social issues in a critical comedian way that reveals two groups in the society, the marginalized group and the powerful and dominant group.