Events 2023

Mar 2023

Mar 06

Language is the means of expression and the main tool in the process of communication, information, and understanding. It is the repository of thoughts and feelings. It is also the tool by which man lived his/her past, communicates with his/her present, and looks forward to his/her future.

Jan 2023

Events 2022

Dec 2022

Dec 18

The Medical Rehabilitation Centre provides internationally accredited rehabilitation services through the use of the most advanced medical rehabilitation treatment techniques in the world, as well as the employment of different types of technology and competencies of specialists and academicians in occupational and physical therapy, hearing, speech, and language, to serve patients and improve the quality of their lives.

Dec 18

Through the Speech and Hearing Club, Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy, the university aims to provide free treatment for those suffering from language, speech, hearing, and swallowing disorders, assess hearing for the inner, middle, and outer ear, provide guidance and advice to children and their families, and evaluate cases related to occupational and physical therapy.

Nov 2022

Nov 22

In consecration of the university’s identity as a platform for Palestinian cultural life, the university considers organizing a book launch ceremony for the artist Mohammad Sabaaneh. This coincides with the launch of a caricature drawing workshop for interested students. Next meetings will be scheduled in accordance with students’ time and academic commitments.

Nov 01

The Deanship of Student Affairs invites you to attend the Al-Quds is Here Event held by hosting Jerusalemite activists. The event is based on self-stories about pioneering initiatives and life conditions in general in the city of Jerusalem and the hardships that the Palestinian people are generally exposed to.

Aug 2022

Aug 01

The Arab American University-Palestine and Schwlar ( Scholarship Worldwide) ,that is interested in the academic field all over the world, are pleased to invite you to participate in its 4th international conference which will include a large variety of researchers and academics from different countries around the world by presenting completed researches, research projects and paperwork.

Recent Trends of International Relations, Media, Social Sciences & Education (ITIRMSE-22) for the period between the 1st and 2nd of August in Ankara, Turkey.