Events 2019

Jun 2019

Jun 08

The international first level volleyball championship organized by the Palestinian Volleyball Federation in the sports hall with the participation of 45 trainees from Gaza and West Bank.

May 2019

Apr 2019

Apr 29

A Well-Known Arabic Journalist – and named to be the youngest Arabic TV presenter

Her ambition began with change, and her dreams grew ... with her hopes to provide a better life for others.

For her … her Glory and humanity are one …. Her success is with the love of people

Not forgetting her Arabism, she twittered for Palestine and Jerusalem …. And spread the happiness in Gaza. As her role in supporting the youth and encouraging them to build their dream futures

Apr 26

We are honored to invite you to attend and participate in the Fourth Family Marathon under the title:

"Move, challenge, & Freedom"

On Friday 26/4/2019 as follows:

Place:The area besides the governorate building - Jenin (security arrangements with the police).

Gathering:8:00 AM

Start Marathon:8:30 AM

The event ends at 11:00 AM

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