Undergraduate Studies

Business Administration
Economics and Islamic Banking
Finance and Data Science
Financial and Banking Sciences
Hospitals and Health Care Management
Human Resources Management
Management Information Systems (MIS)
Environmental Management and Recycling
Environmental Sciences and Technology
Medical Imaging
Medical Laboratory Sciences
Occupational Therapy
Prosthetics and Orthotics
Speech, Language, and Hearing Disorders
Arabic Language and Media
Basic Elementary Education
Diploma in Education for Upper Basic Level - Teaching Arabic
Diploma in Education for Upper Basic Level - Teaching English
Diploma in Education for Upper Basic Level - Teaching Mathematics
Diploma in Education for Upper Basic Level - Teaching Science
English Language
Teaching English
Bachelor of Dental Technician
Diploma in Dental Technology
Doctor of Dental Surgery
Architecture Engineering
Civil Engineering
Computer Systems Engineering
Electrical Engineering and Renewable Energy
Mechatronics Engineering
Medical Equipment Engineering
Telecommunications Engineering
Computer Networks / Minor Information Security
Computer Science
Computer Science / Minor Information Technology
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Multimedia Technology
Fiqh And Law
Doctor of Medicine
Communication and Social Media
Digital Media
Public Relations
Digital Health
Digital Marketing
Financial Engineering
Industrial Product Design
Interior Architecture
Applied Chemistry
Biology and Biotechnology
Biology and Biotechnology / Minor Education
Chemistry / Minor Education
Criminal Biology
Mathematics and Statistics
Mathematics and Statistics / Minor Computer Science
Mathematics and Statistics / Minor Education
Physics / Minor Computer Science
Physics / Minor Education
Statistics and Data Science
Sport Sciences