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Human Resources Management


The Bachelor degree in Human Resources Management gives the students the ability to work in administrative positions at different levels (upper, middle, and supervisory) and vary in the scope of work in the functions of business organizations such as marketing, production, finance, human resources and others.

Our students will demonstrate application of knowledge ,effective communication and personal and social responsibility in the following ways:

1. Application: demonstrate one can apply functional and foundational concepts to think critically and solve business problems in curricular and co-curricular situations.
2. Functional interdependence: demonstrate an understanding of the interdependencies among business functions and processes.
3. Opportunity recognition: articulate ways to turn situations and problems into business or personal opportunities.
4. Creativity: recognize when creative thinking is appropriate in a problem solving process and generate novel solutions to problems or new ways to respond to opportunities.
5. Ethical decision making: recognize ethical issues, apply ethical frameworks to analyze them, then choose and defend a solution.
6. Reflective thinking: demonstrate careful consideration of a belief, form of knowledge, action, or experience and think about it, evaluate it, and develop insight toward future action.
7. Initiative: seek opportunities for active involvement in curricular and/or co-curricular areas.
8. Writing: produce quality business documents that exhibit competence in content, organization and clarity, quality, and referencing.
9. Presenting: develop and make quality business presentations that exhibit competence in content, listening, media, non-verbal presentation skills, organization and clarity, and verbal presentation skills.