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Faculty of Business


The Faculty of Business has managed to improve through the past few years to get a step closer at becoming a leading business school in the region. It developed academic programs to keep up with the business community needs.  These programs include; Accounting, Financial and banking Sciences, Digital Marketing, Business Administration, Human Resources Management, Management Information Systems, Hospitals and Health Care Management, Economics and Islamic Banking, Finance and Data Science,... Read More

Dean Message

Dr. Abdelbaset Rabaiah

I warmly welcome you to the Faculty of Business. I am proud to introduce you to one of the most prestigious business colleges in the region. We promote our values of effective education, critical thinking, and supporting practice of putting our students at the center of our operation. AFS is currently a member of AACSB. Our distinguished 40+ faculty members-most of whom obtained their degrees from an (AACSB) accredited institutions- master outstanding class teaching through active learning. They provide our students with the knowledge, skills, and experiences that enable them to assume... Read More