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Faculty of Sport Sciences


The Faculty of Sport Sciences established based on the urgent need for qualified competencies to develop sports education and training at all levels and in alignment with the scientific development of Sport Sciencess in developed countries.

Based on focusing on quality in the qualified graduates, the department had determine the number of admissions per year that commensurate with its plans and educational goals. The department gives bachelor's degrees in the specialization of "Sport... Read More

Dean Message

Dr. Main Zakarneh

I am pleased to welcome you to Arab American University in this prestigious scientific edifice, which is responsible for preparing and qualifying the Palestinian youth for their role in advancing progress and participation in community development in all aspects. The Faculty of Sport Sciences welcomes you and puts all its facilities, locations, installations and equipment to service of your scientific and educational goals

Dear students:

It is an honor for us to meet here in the Faculty of Sport Sciences site after years of effort and work to achieve this dream of the birth... Read More