Wednesday, June 19, 2019
The University receives an International Accreditation in Professional Training

Continuing Education Center at the University received an international accreditation in the field of professional training from the Accreditation Council (SWAC) for trainees, which is responsible of reviewing the training quality offered by the university or institution or training program. Where the advisor Mohammed Hassunih the representative of the Council in Palestine handed over the accreditation to the Director of the Continuing Education Center, Dr. Khaled Attieh.

Dr. Attieh Head of the center said that this accreditation allows the students who enrolled in the training courses to internationally equivalent their certificates with 13 international specialized institutions, as it allows them to enter higher quality training on a global level, allowing them to achieve their professional goals and aspirations.

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Faculty of Allied Medical Sciences at Arab American University organized a training course about “how to perform a splint” in modern scientific ways, for students from Occupational Therapy, and employees from medical, health and rehabilitation institutions and centers from different places of West Bank.

with the attendance of the Dean of the Faculty of Allied Medical Sciences Prof. Mohammed Asya, the Acting Director Occupational Therapy Union Mr. Anan Ghabash, and representatives from rehabilitation societies, medical institutions and health centers in different parts of the West Bank.

Saturday, March 23, 2019
Part of the workshop

In cooperation with PIPD the Deanship of Student Affairs organized a training workshop about the United Nations Program for Palestinian Universities that targets student universities to teach them diplomatic skills and train them. Also to show them the way and protocol for representing Palestine on international levels, through international laws and human rights conventions, where they were trained by the program director Mrs. Najwan Brikdar.

The workshop was opened by the Deanship of Student Affairs Ms.


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