Saturday, March 23, 2019
Part of the workshop

In cooperation with PIPD the Deanship of Student Affairs organized a training workshop about the United Nations Program for Palestinian Universities that targets student universities to teach them diplomatic skills and train them. Also to show them the way and protocol for representing Palestine on international levels, through international laws and human rights conventions, where they were trained by the program director Mrs. Najwan Brikdar.

The workshop was opened by the Deanship of Student Affairs Ms.

Wednesday, February 6, 2019
Part of the Training

The University at Ramallah campus holds a European training about the university governance project with the participation of university employees AAUP, Al-Najah, Birzeit, Polytechnic Hebron, Islamic University in Gaza through a conference video and other European Universities.

The course was presented by a group of experts from European universities, the Italian University of Siana, the Slovenian University of Ljubljana, the Irish University of Cork and the Portuguese University of Evora.

The training covered topics such as strategic planning, human resources, governance and academic governance.

The course was dedicated to employees of Planning and Development Dept, the Office of the Vice President for Administrative and Financial affairs, Human Resources Dept, Quality Sept, Academic Affairs, Training Dept, Financial Dept and Projects Dept.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018
The university participates in the twenty-fifth forum for training students of Arab universities

Arab American University participated in the twenty-fifth meeting for training students of Arab universities organized by the Arab Council for Training and Creativity that is part of the Arab Universities Union in Egypt University for Science and Technology that was held for four days with the participation of 52 universities representing a number of Arab countries

The university was represented at the forum by Dr. Nizam thiab, Vice President for Training, and the university received a number of opportunities and training offers to train its students in various programs in a number of Arab universities.


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