Tuesday, May 30, 2023
AAUP Sends a Group of Medical Students to Participate in the Cambridge Summer School of Neuroscience

In mid-June, a group of medical students from the Arab American University will participate in the Neuroscience Summer School which has annually been organized by the British University of Cambridge for 26 years.

The names of the participating students were announced in a festive atmosphere that brought together the Dean of the Faculty, Prof. Dr. Malik Zaben, the academic staff and the medical students.

Wednesday, May 24, 2023
Students from the Faculty of Medicine Are to Receive Training at the British Universities of Oxford and Dundee

Almost 40 male and female students from the Faculty of Medicine at the Arab American University will spend the summer period in two prestigious universities in the United Kingdom, University of Oxford and University of Dundee, to be trained in the latest clinical skills as well as skills of communication with patients.

The Faculty Dean, Dr. Malik Zaben, stressed that this training course is the first of its kind, through which this number of students is sent with the aim of opening horizons of knowledge for students and opportunities for graduates of the Faculty of Medicine to get acquainted with the British medical system. Dr. Zaben also said that this training aims to establish networking, which paves the way for students to specialize in Britain after graduation easily and confirmed that it will be held annually and expanded to include other universities in Britain and other countries.

Tuesday, May 23, 2023
AAUP Hosts the International Trainer Dr. Monther Al-Haram in a Training Workshop for Students on Human Development

The Arab American University hosted the international trainer, Dr. Monther Al-Haram, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Victoria Academy for Consulting and Training in Britain, in a two-day training workshop on human development, targeting university students. The workshop was organized in cooperation with the Ambassadors for Global Development Organization.

Dr. Monther Al-Haram, of Libyan origin, holds British citizenship, is an international trainer accredited by several international institutions, resides in Britain, and holds many positions, including head of the Arab and Islamic community in Nottingham, chairman of the Victorian Academy for Consulting and Training in Britain, and a member of the Academy’s board of directors of Ambassadors of global development for training and development. He trained in 48 countries.


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