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Sunday, November 24, 2019
The Representative of the Republic of Cyprus Visits AAUP

VP of international Relations Dr. Dalal Iriqat and Head of Human and Social Sciences Dr. Hanadi Dwiekat at Faculty of Graduate Studies at AAUP Ramallah welcomed the Representative of the Republic of Cyprus Mr. Savas Vladimiro in a workshop about the Cyprus conflict for postgraduate students.

Dr. Dalal Iriqat gave a presentation about the course in Peace process and Comparison for students in conflict resolution master program, which includes study cases of the peace process in Cyprus and Northern Ireland in addition to the Palestinian situation.

She also discussed the ways analyzing conflicts and understanding conflicts in different aspects that includes several factors from the parties, causes, approaches and trends.

Tuesday, November 12, 2019
Dr. Dalal Eriqat

Dr. Dalal Iriqat from AAUP - Faculty of Graduate Studies and a lecturer in Conflict Resolution and Strategic Planning master programs, presented a research paper entitled "The New 21st Century Mediator in the Middle East" at an academic workshop entitled The Mediation of the 21st century, hosted by the Foundation for Progressive Studies at Durham University.

 entitled "Mediation of the Century." Twenty one" .

This visit is part of AAUP interest in supporting academics in scientific research in all fields, and to find local, regional, and international solutions through scientific research and academic exchange.

Wednesday, October 2, 2019
Head of Swiss Palestinian Association visits AAUP campus at Ramallah

Head of Swiss Palestinian Association Mr. Jerry Moler Visits AAUP Campus at Ramallah, where he was introduced to the university’s academic programs for masters and doctoral degrees, in addition to the university’s training centers and its various facilities.

Dr. Dalal Iriqat , VP of International Relations welcomed the guest, where the discussed ways of collaborations between the two parties in several fields such as art, archiving, film making and conflict resolution.


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