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Monday, January 27, 2020
Honoring AAUP participant delegation in the sessions of the 2nd scientific day

Under the auspices of Brigadier-General Tawfik Tirawi –Fatah Central Committee Member and the Head of the Board of Trustees of Al Istiqlal University, the subcommittee of the Laboratory Medicine Syndicate held its 2nd scientific day under the slogan “the path to laboratory informatics: devices, programs, safety and data management”.

General Jihad Abu AlAsal- Jericho Governor, Mr. Nae’l Abu Al Asal- Fatah Provincial Secretary in Jericho, Mr. Abdulsalam AlSarari- the deputy head of the Syndicate of Laboratory Medicine, representing Mr. Osama AlNajjar, the Head of the Syndicate, and over 550 participants from all subcommittees and members of the syndicates all attended the scientific day.

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

The Faculty of Graduate Studies in Arab American University (AAUP) announces the start date of accepting applications for the Spring Semester of the academic year 2019/2020 to be from Monday Jan. 13th, 2020 until Wednesday Feb. 12th, 2020 for the following programs:

Monday, January 6, 2020
Dr. Sa’eb Iriqat lectures in an academic meeting for Conflict Resolution students in AAUP and Conflict Analyzing and Resolution from George Mason University

Aiming to enhance relations and academic collaboration between both universities and working for future experience and students mobility, the Faculty of Graduate Studies in AAUP organized an academic meeting between graduate students in the Conflict Resolution program in AAUP and BA, Masters and PhD Students from the program “Conflict Analyzing and Resolution” from George Mason University in Virginia- Washington. 

Dr. Dalal Iriqat- the VP for International Relations said that AAUP is planning to start an academic collaboration with George Mason University, especially that George Mason University is considered to be a leader in conflict analyzing and resolution. Dr. Iriqat explained that the strategy and policy of AAUP is to always seek to build international academic relations that include students and faculty mobility with international universities to enrich the Palestinian academic experience by learning from others experiences. 


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