Tuesday, May 23, 2023
Defense of A Doctoral Dissertation by Mirvat Abu Asab in Educational Administration

The Ph.D. student Mirvat Abu Asab defended her dissertation titled: "The Impact of the Israelization of Educational Curricula on the National Identity of Secondary School Students in East Jerusalem from the Teachers' Perspective and Their Role in Developing Methods to Strengthen It".

The study aimed to investigate the impact of the Israelization of educational curricula on the national identity of secondary school students in East Jerusalem from the teachers’ point of view and their role in developing ways to enhance it. The sample consisted of (255) male and female teachers of social studies, Arabic language, and Islamic education in secondary schools in East Jerusalem, and (12) male and female teachers were interviewed by the focus group method, who were chosen by the purposive technique.

Sunday, April 30, 2023
Defense A Ph.D. Dissertation by Huda Salameh in Educational Administration

Huda Salameh, a researcher in the Educational Administration program, defended her dissertation entitled: "A proposed Vision for the Development of Emotional Administrative Practices among the Employees of the Palestinian Ministry of Education" to obtain the Ph.D. in Educational Administration.

The study aimed to develop a vision for the development of administrative practices that stir emotions among the employees of the Palestinian Ministry of Education. It also aimed to determine the nature of the differences in the averages of their responses to the total score on the questionnaire about the reality of emotional administrative practices.

Friday, April 28, 2023
Defense of A Ph.D. Dissertation by Bushra Al-Badawi in Educational Administration

Bushra Al-Badawi, a Ph.D. candidate in Educational Administration, defended her dissertation entitled: "An Analytical Study of the Palestinian Inclusive Education Policy and its Applications: Towards Developing a Proposed Concept in the Light of International and Local Standards."

The study aimed to attest the implementation of the inclusive education policy in the Palestinian governorates, in addition to examining the applied educational policy for inclusive education in Palestine as well as the international standards for inclusive education. The researcher sought to develop a proposed model for inclusive education in the Palestinian society to be applied in Palestinian schools to raise awareness of the needs of inclusive education in Palestine.


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