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Wednesday, February 28, 2024
An AAUP Delegation Visits Jenin and Al-Razi Hospitals to Enhance Cooperation

A delegation from the Faculty of Nursing at the Arab American University has visited the Jenin Governmental Hospital and Al-Razi Hospital in the city of Jenin, and held a meeting with the directors of the two hospitals and nursing. This visit took place in order to enhance cooperation and honor the hospitals in appreciation of their efforts and continued cooperation.

The delegation was met with the Director of Nursing at Jenin Governmental Hospital, Jreese Khader, the Director of Al-Razi Hospital, Dr. Fawaz Hammad, and the Director of Nursing at Al-Razi Hospital, Mohammad Sabbah.

Sunday, February 11, 2024
Defense of a Master’s Thesis in the Intensive Care Nursing Program by Student Sabrina Shalaot

Researcher Sabrina Shalaot, a student in the master’s program in intensive care nursing, has defended her thesis titled: “A Cross-Sectional Study for Evaluating Intensive Care Unit Nurses’ Knowledge of the ABDCEF Package in Governmental Hospitals in the Palestinian Territory.”

This study aims to evaluate the level of intensive care nurses’ knowledge of the ABCDEF package in addition to its effectiveness in preventing delirium. This package includes: pain assessment and management (A), spontaneous awakening and breathing attempts (B), anesthesia selection (C), delirium monitoring and management (D), early movement/mobility (E), and family participation (F).

Monday, January 29, 2024
Defense of A Master’s Thesis in the Adult Medical Surgical Nursing Program by Researcher Romance Shtayyeh

Researcher Romance Shtayyeh, a student in the Master’s Program in Adult Medical Surgical Nursing, defended her thesis titled: “Self-efficacy and Quality of Life among Patients with Type 2 Diabetes.”

The study aimed to evaluate self-efficacy management and quality of life among patients with type 2 diabetes who attend a primary health care clinic in the northern governorates of the West Bank.

In her cross-sectional descriptive study, the researcher used a questionnaire instrument. The questionnaire was distributed to an appropriate sample of type 2 diabetes patients, consisting of 397 patients who visit diabetes clinics affiliated with the Palestinian Ministry of Health in the northern West Bank.


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