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Start of Receiving Applications for Admission for Electrical Engineering and Renewable Energy Program

Sunday, July 1, 2018

The deanship of admission and registration at the Arab American University announces the start of receiving applications for admission for "Bachelor of Electrical Engineering and Renewable Energy Program" for Fall 2018/2019 from now until Wednesday, 19/09/2018


In accordance with the faculty mission, the Electrical Engineering with Renewable Energy (ELERE) program has been carefully designed to satisfy another need of the Palestinian community, namely, graduating electrical engineers with particular expertise in renewable energy. With a complete harmony between the courses offered throughout this program, students joining it will be taught, trained, and qualified to serve the fast-growing sector of renewable energies and their integration into conventional grids.

This engineering program will increase chances of establishing small businesses and new services. Electrical engineers with strong knowledge of renewable energy are required in this particular stage of life where everybody is concerned with the future of conventional resources of energy, gas emissions, pollution, and environment. Similar to most governments in the world, the government of Palestine has realized the importance of integrating renewable energy systems into the conventional electrical grids. It therefore initiated the Palestine initiative of energy, through which it presents incentives to encourage people to utilize renewable energies. Therefore, well-educated, trained, and experienced electrical engineers in the field of energy and renewable energy are immanently needed. This is exactly what this program aims at producing.

ELERE program is designed based on the recommendations presented by the most respectful bodies in the field of electrical engineering and renewable energy such as the IEEE Educational Activities Board (EAB).



Market Need for ELERE Graduates :

Due to international, as well as national, need for the exploitation of renewable energy sources, electrical engineers with particular knowledge about renewable energy sources and their technologies are of particular importance. Electrical engineers with the mentality of searching for any possible renewable sources of energy that are available but not noticeable are needed. The ELERE program will produce such engineers.

The idea of employing the different sources of renewable energy available in a special location to generate electrical energy is gaining very high reputation now due to the positive impacts it has on human health, environment, economic situation, power reliability, and others. Such renewable energy sources reduce harmful gas emissions, reduces wastes of power stations, reduce running costs of conventional resources exploitation and usage, improve power systems reliability, and many other advantages.

In our particular case in Palestine, and because we do not own electrical power generation stations, but instead rely upon imported electrical energy, renewable energy sources constitute our only independent electrical power generators. These power generators can participate in solving the problem of electrical power shortage during peak consumption periods of which we already suffer.

Due to their many benefits, the employment of renewable energy sources in producing electricity is being encouraged by official parties in Palestine. Special regulations and facilitations, including subsidies are made to widespread the use of such sources. For example, new governmental constructions and buildings, such as schools, hospitals, and clinics, have to include photovoltaic systems to produce electrical energy.

Therefore, the Arab American University with its Faculty of Engineering & Information Technology finds it important to supply the community with such a program that is going to graduate engineers who are capable of fulfilling the above-mentioned community needs.


Admission Requirements:

  1. Applicant must be a holder of a high school diploma / or its equivalent certified by the Palestinian Ministry of Education and Higher Education in the following branches: Scientific or Industrial or Information Technology.
  2. Must have a minimum grade of 75%.


Admission Application Instructions:

  1. Submission of admission applications will begin on Saturday, 30 June 2018.
  2. The Admission Card can be obtained for a bachelor's degree and Diploma in Education for Upper Basic Level through:
    • Financial Department at the main campus of the University in Jenin.
    • Ramallah Site –  AL-Rehan.
    • University Office in Nazareth.
    • The following banks in all its branches:

      Arab Islamic Bank

      Palestine Investment Bank

      ​Palestine Islamic Bank

      Housing Bank For Trade and Finance

      Arab Bank

      Cairo Amman Bank

      National Bank Bank of Palestine Ltd.
      Quds Bank  
    • Admission application fees is $70 USD non-refundable.


  3. Fill out the online application form that’s available at (www.aaup.edu/apply) And enter all the required fields.
  4. Applicant should go then to the Deanship of Admissions and Registration at the university main campus in Jenin for submitting the original documents.
  5. When the application is complete and all requirements have been achieved the student will receive the final acceptance letter.
  6. The student should pay the seat reservation fee at any of our certified banks then get the seat reservation letter by Email or from the Deanship of Admission and Registration. Which contains the appointment for the English placement test and the login information required for the edugate portal.
  7. For further information. Contact the Deanship of Admission and Registration by telephone (042-418888) Ext. ( 3 ) or Fax (042-510814) or by email (Darataaup.edu).


Required Documents: (Original and legalized copies of the documents below must be submitted in order to secure full admission)

  1. Fill out AAUP online Application 
  2. Transcript of high school diploma certified / or its equivalent by the Palestinian Ministry of Education and Higher Education. And for Bagrut Students, Original Bagrut diploma (Taodat Bagrut / תעודת בגרות) and translation to it in English or Arabic as duly authorized by the notary public.
  3. National Identity Card (local applicants) or passport (international applicants)
  4. Original birth certificate or a copy duly certified. (local applicants)
  5. Personal photo. ( 2 )



  1. The deadline to apply for admission to the specialties in which seats are still available, on Wednesday, 19/09/2018.
  2. Submitting the application form does not -necessarily- guarantee admission.
  3. Please keep Admission Card until you get the final acceptance.
  4. Classes begin on Saturday 22/09/2018.



For further information. Contact the Deanship of Admission and Registration by telephone (042418888) Ext ( 3 ) or by email ( Darataaup.edu ).