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AAUP Organizes the "HULT PRIZE 2021" Competition

Sunday, January 31, 2021

With the participation of 11 teams from the different faculties and departments, Arab American University organized the HULT PRIZE 2021 Competition entitled “The mechanism of using food as a mean to change the world”

The “HULT PRIZE 2021” Competition in AAUP

Organizing such competitions in Arab American University is one of the goals of the university to ensure that its role is not only to focus on the educational part for students, but also to encourage the creativity and pioneer projects and ideas in its students as in AAUP we believe that our youths are the push to change. This competition will give students the opportunity to create competitive and creative projects.

Mr. Abdulrahman Sulaiman- the Competition Coordinator in AAUP said that HULT PRIZE 2021 this year will not include abroad traveling due to the current situation in the whole world, however, the competition will be only inside AAUP campus after the administration insisted on providing the financial and moral support. Mr. Sulaiman also thanked AAUP for its role in always supporting the initiatives and creative activities for its students.