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Workshop for Law Students to Address the Draft on Family Domestic-Violence Protection Act

Monday, December 11, 2017

Faculty of Law at the Arab American University in partnership with Women's Affairs Commission and in coordination with Family Protection Department at the Palestinian Police, held a workshop to discuss the draft of family domestic-violence protection law that was attended by group of college students.

From the workshop

Coordinator of the Women Affairs Committee in the North Mrs. Eman Nazzal started by welcoming the audience and thanked both Arab American University for their cooperation and hosting the workshop and Palestinian Police family protection department for their participation. She talked about women's affairs team, stressing it’s a coalition that includes women's frameworks and independent women. Founded in 1992 and seeks to create a free democratic society that guarantees pluralism, social justice and equality to make Palestine violence-free.

The lecturer at Faculty of Law Dr. Ghassan Alian comprehensively discussed the resolution draft and several related recommendations, for example the definitions in its introduction and the section on sexual violence and sexual harassment. “They’re originally found in the Penal Code, no need to rewrite them”, he said.

Director of Public Law Department at the Faculty of Law Dr. Hikmat Amarneh said: “There are many items that have been compiled from non-Palestinian laws, calling the laws to be derived from legislation and be consistent with the Palestinian society values”.

Head of the family protection department in the Palestinian police Riyad Yahya, gave comprehensive definition of family protection department, its role in society and working mechanisms with many issues. He said, the Palestinian Police Protection Department was established in 2008. Every day, cases numbers increases, also he mentioned the way of handling cases individually. A discussion on the challenges facing implementing these laws and mechanisms where speakers answered the students' questions that started at the end of the workshop.