Majors and General Requirements

Call for Admission Applications for Fall semester of academic year 2020/2021

The Deanship of Admission and Registration has opened receiving applications for admission at the Arab American University for Spring Semester of Academic Year 2020/2021. The following table shows the offered programs and admission criteria:

Faculty Major High School Branch Minimum High School Average
Modern Sciences - Ramallah Campus Interior Architecture - Ramallah Campus
( Admission not available for current semester )
All Branches 70%
Optometry - Ramallah Campus Scientific only 70%
Digital Marketing - Ramallah Campus All Branches 65%
Modern Media - Ramallah Campus Digital Media - Ramallah Campus All Branches 65%
Communication and Social Media - Ramallah Campus
Public Relations - Ramallah Campus
Medicine Medicine
( Admission not available for current semester )
Scientific only 85%
Dentistry Doctor of Dental Surgery Scientific only 85%
Engineering & Information Technology Electrical Engineering and Renewable Energy Scientific or Industrial or Information Technology 80%
Computer Systems Engineering
Telecommunications Engineering
( Admission not available for current semester )
Computer Science Scientific or Industrial or Information Technology or Agricultural 65%
Computer Science / Minor Information Technology
Computer Networks / Minor Information Security
Multimedia Technology All Branches 65%
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Sciences Mathematics and Statistics
( Admission not available for current semester )
Scientific or Industrial or Agricultural or Information Technology 65%
Mathematics and Statistics / Minor in Computer Science
( Admission not available for current semester )
Mathematics and Statistics / Minor in Education
( Admission not available for current semester )
Biology and Biotechnology
Biology and Biotechnology / Minor in Education
Physics / Minor in Computer Science
Physics / Minor in Education
Chemistry / Minor in Education
Arts Arabic Language and Media All Branches 65%
Education - Basic Elementary Education
English Language
Diploma in Education for Upper Basic Level Track: All Branches Must have a bachelor degree from a recognized university or currently is a student at AAUP and finished 70 Cr.Hrs with no less than 1.67 GPA
Teaching Sciences
Teaching Mathematics
Teaching Arabic
Teaching English
Sport Sciences Sport Sciences All Branches - under the following conditions:
1- Pass the fitness exam ( date will be assigned later ).
2- Candidate must be healthy ( with a certified effort test from a licensed health center ).
Allied Medical Sciences Pharmacy Scientific only 80%
Medical Laboratory Sciences Scientific only 70%
Medical Imaging
Occupational Therapy
Physio - Therapy
Prosthetics and Orthotics Scientific or Literary or Industrial or Information Technology or Agricultural 65% for Scientific or Industrial or Information Technology or Agricultural Branches
80% for Literary Branch
Speech, Language, and Hearing Disorders Scientific or Industrial or Information Technology or Agricultural 65%
Environmental Sciences and Technology All Branches 65%
Nursing Nursing Scientific or Literary 70% for Scientific
80% for Literary
Administrative & Financial Sciences Economics and Islamic Banking All Branches 65%
Finance and Data Analytics
Business Administration
Human Resource Management
Finance and Banking Sciences
( Admission not available for current semester )
Operation Management / Management Information Systems (MIS)
Operation Management / Hospitals and Health Care Management
( Admission not available for current semester )
Law Law Scientific or Literary or Shar'i 75%
Fiqh & Law
Diploma Diploma in Dental Technology Scientific or Literary 50% for Scientific Branch
60% for Literary Branch
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For further information. Contact the Deanship of Admission and Registration by telephone (042418888) Ext ( 3 ) or by email ( ).


Acceptance Instructions:
  • Applications for admission are accepted each semester. Students are asked to carefully read the instructions that accompany the application for admission.
  • The Arab American University accepts students in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Palestinian Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.
  • The applicant must have earned a high school certificate or its equivalent, and the high school certificate earned that qualifies him / her to join the chosen specialization.
  • Undergraduate applicants can choose one of many of the programs we have in the university depending on their high school track (whether it is a scientific track, literary, industrial, or commercial). The ability of choosing a program is also limited to the minimum score requirements in the high school certificate exam (Tawjihi).
  • Students will be accepted in the different faculties on a competitive basis according to their average in the high school certificate exam (Tawjihi).
  • Students with a high school certificate other than a Palestinian, will have their averages computed according to the University Council or Council of Higher Education regulations.
  • Prospective students can apply online using (


  1. Fill out AAUP online Application.
  2. A certified Palestinian high school certificate, in addition to the original copy of the non-Palestinian high school diploma or its equivalent of foreign certificates from the Palestinian Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, in addition a sealed and duly signed certificate and all related documents. And for Bagrut Students, Original Bagrut diploma (Taodat Bagrut / תעודת בגרות) and translated to English or Arabic as duly authorized by the notary public.
  3. National Identity Card (local applicants) or passport (international applicants)
  4. Original birth certificate or a copy duly certified.
  5. Two Personal photos.
  6. Stress Examination (only applicants for Sport Sciences program).

Note: original and legalized copies of the above documents must be submitted in order to secure full admission.


Academic System and Student Load:
The study at the Arab American University is based on the credit hours system. The academic year consists of two compulsory semesters of sixteen weeks each, and an optional eight-week summer semester. The university weekend days are on Thursday and Friday of each week. Other holidays are announced in the university academic calendar at the beginning of each academic year.
The normal course load for a full-time student during any semester (spring or fall) is considered to range from 12-18 credit hours. Such a load allows students the opportunity to complete the requirements of the bachelor’s degree in eight semesters, except for Communication Engineering and Computer Systems Engineering (ten semesters) and Dentistry (ten semesters and four summer sessions).