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Start Accepting Applications for Admission for Spring 2017/2018 for Bachelor Degree and Diploma in Education for Upper Basic Level

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

The Deanship of Admission and Registration at the Arab American University announces of start receiving applications for admission for Bachelor Degree and Diploma in Education for Upper Basic Level for Spring 2017/2018 from Tuesday, 02/01/2018 until Wednesday, 14/02/2018 in the faculties of the university as follows:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Bachelor Degree

Faculty Major High School Branch Minimum High School Average
Engineering & Information Technology Computer Systems Engineering  Scientific or Industrial or Information Technology 75%
Telecommunications Engineering
Computer Information Technology (CIT) Scientific or Industrial or Information Technology or Agricultural 65%
Computer Science
Multimedia Technology
Computer Networks / Minor Information Security
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) All Branches 65%
Sciences Mathematics and Statistics Scientific or Industrial or Agricultural or Information Technology 65%
Mathematics and Statistics / Minor in Computer Science
Mathematics and Statistics / Minor in Education
Biology and Biotechnology
Biology and Biotechnology / Minor in Education
Physics / Minor in Computer Science
Physics / Minor in Education
Chemistry / Minor in Education
Arts Arabic Language and Media All Branches 65%
Education - Basic Elementary Education
English Language
English Language / Minor in Education
Sports Sciences All Branches - under the following conditions:
1- Pass the fitness exam ( date will be assigned later ).
2- Candidate must be healthy ( with a certified effort test from a licensed health center ).
Allied Medical Sciences Medical Laboratory Sciences Scientific or Industrial or Agricultural 65%
Medical Imaging

Environment and Community Health

( Admission not available )

Scientific or Literary or Shar'i or Agricultural or Industrial or Hotels or Home Economics or Entrepreneurship and Business
Physio - Therapy Scientific or Industrial or Agricultural
Occupational Therapy Scientific or Literary or Shar'i or Agricultural or Industrial or Hotels or Home Economics or Entrepreneurship and Business

65% for Scientific or Industrial or Agricultural Branches

70% for Literary or Shar'i or Hotels or Home Economics or Entrepreneurship and Business Branches

Administrative & Financial Sciences Accounting All Branches 75%
Business Administration 65%
Human Resource Management
Finance and Banking Sciences
Management Information Systems (MIS)
Hospitals and Health Care Management
Law Law All Branches 65%
Fiqh & Law
Diploma in Education for Upper Basic Level
Faculty Major Admission Requirements
Arts Teaching Sciences Must have a relevant bachelor degree from a recognized university or currently is a student at AAUP and finished 70 Cr.Hrs with no less than (60%) or (1.67) or (C-) GPA
Teaching Mathematics
Teaching Arabic
Teaching English
For more information about the policies and admission requirements, please click here.


Admission Application Instructions:

  1. Submission of admission applications will begin on Tuesday, 02 June 2018.
  2. The Admission Card can be obtained for a bachelor's degree and Diploma in Education for Upper Basic Level through:
    • Financial Department at the main campus of the University in Jenin.
    • Ramallah Site –  AL-Rehan.
    • University Office in Nazareth.
    • The following banks in all its branches:

      Arab Islamic Bank

      Palestine Investment Bank

      ​Palestine Islamic Bank

      Housing Bank For Trade and Finance

      Arab Bank

      Cairo Amman Bank

      National Bank Bank of Palestine Ltd.
      Quds Bank  
    • Admission application fees is 200 NIS non-refundable.


  3. Fill out the online application form available at ( And enter all the necessary information.
  4. If the application is accepted, the applicant will receive the initial acceptance letter through the SMS service or E-mail which may contain additional instructions. 
  5. Applicant should go to the admissions office in the Admission and Registration Department at main campus in Jenin for submitting the original documents, receive the final acceptance letter and reserve the seat.. 
  6. For further information. Contact the Deanship of Admission and Registration by telephone (042-418888) Ext. ( 3 ) or Fax (042-510814) or by email (


Required Documents:

  1. Fill out AAUP online Application 
  2. Transcript of high school diploma certified / or its equivalent by the Palestinian Ministry of Education and Higher Education.
  3. National Identity Card (local applicants) or passport (international applicants)
  4. Original birth certificate or a copy duly certified. (local applicants)
  5. Personal photo. ( 2 )
  6. Stress Examination (only applicants for Sport Sciences program).

* Note: original and legalized copies of the above documents must be submitted in order to secure full admission.



    1. The deadline to apply for admission to the specialties in which seats are still available, on Wednesday, 14/02/2018.
    2. Submitting the application form does not -necessarily- guarantee admission.
    3. Please keep Admission Card until you get the final acceptance.
    4. Classes begin on Saturday 17/02/2018.