Computer Networks / Minor Information Security


The program provides graduates with needed knowledge and skills to build, design, maintain and manage computer networks in a way that ensures information security. Therefore, students learn all the basic components of secure networks from servers, fast networks, safety systems and networks programming. It focuses on mechanisms of managing information security technology’s to protect important data, everything related to computer networks and Internet laws.

The specialization graduates will acquire lots of skills enabling them to work in many fields, most significantly: design and analysis of information systems, computer networks management, designing security networks, computer networks software development, smart phones software design, risk analysis, develop data protection algorithms and encrypt it. In addition to prepare them to be distinguished researchers in computer networks and information security if they wishes to complete their postgraduate studies. Information is one of the most important components of any computer system and it is invaluable, so it’s necessary to use all possible means to protect and preserve it.


Careers of graduates:

  • Computer networks manager
  • Secure computer networks designer
  • Computer systems and Databases programmer
  • Manager of data protection systems
  • Computer systems analyst and designer
  • Smartphone software designer
  • Data protection algorithms developer