Quality Assurance Office

Head of Office: 
Eng. Mays Awwad

University administration is keen to make Arab American University among distinguished universities both regionally and globally. Quality Assurance Office established by a decision from the Senior Management in 2013 to follow up applying quality assurance system, ISO 9001 standards and supervise university procedures, departments and faculties to ensure applying and improving quality as Arab American University is the first Palestinian university to have a global certificate in quality.

Quality Office has been keen to complete its functions and apply quality assurance system and enter excellence race with major regional and international universities, and benefit from others experiences in quality assurance field.


Quality Assurance Office aims to apply quality highest administrative and academic standards through creating and applying the culture of excellence and continues improvement in quality standards.


Quality Assurance Office founded to work aside with Administrative Offices and Academic Centers to ensure the university is applying administrative and academic quality standards within obtained certifications like ISO 9001:2015

  1. Improve work mechanism and followed procedures at university and develop it
  2. Continuous development for performance through improving university’s Quality Assurance system
  3. Continuous development of measurement tools, data analysis and results
  4. Develop tools to detect weaknesses and solve them, strengths and enhance its performance
  5. Upgrade experiences and skills level for all employees in the field of quality and their work
  6. Identify, assess and manage risk at the faculties, departments and university levels as a whole.
Contact Information: 

E-mail: qadataaup.edu
Phone #: 04-2418888 | Ext.: 1142


Ensure achieving  and implementing quality system requirements at the university facilities and monitor implementation of their tasks and goals and modify them if necessary

Provide the senior management with reports on Quality System performance and any adjustments may occur to the system

Raise the university employees awareness on the importance of applying Quality System

Measure performance indicators among departments and faculties

Measure students satisfaction of services provided at the university and measure employees job satisfaction