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Postgraduate Studies

Thursday, March 23, 2023
AAUP Offers the First Ph.D. Program of Its Kind in Palestine in “Public Relations, Communication, and Media”

Ramallah: The Faculty of Graduate Studies at the Arab American University launched the first Ph.D. program of its kind in Palestine in Public Relations, Communication, and Media in partnership with the Ecole de journalism (ESJ) in Paris.

The program, which will be offered in the academic year 2023/2024, targets holders of an M.A. degree in all humanitarian disciplines, in addition to those working in the field of Media and Public Relations.

The applicant for the Ph.D. program in Public Relations, Communication, and Media is required to have an M.A. degree with at least a "very good" standing or its equivalent, a B.A. degree with at least a "good" standing or its equivalent according to the regular study system, and to pass a personal interview and an English language exam.

Tuesday, March 14, 2023
An AAUP Researcher at the Faculty of Graduate Studies Develops A Specialized Criminal Investigation System for Apple Watch

The researcher Mohammad Dawood, an M.A student in Cybercrimes and Digital Evidence Analysis program at the Arab American University in Ramallah, developed a specialized system in criminal investigation for Apple Watch by establishing a criminal digital investigation matrix.

The researcher Dawood explained that the system, which he developed, helps investigators deal with Apple Watch by collecting digital evidence quickly. This, according to the researcher, contributes to uncovering the details of crimes, and succeeds in producing reliable reports from the Watch before the legal authorities.

He added that the subject of his M.A thesis is novel as it provides an integrated matrix specialized in dealing with Apple Watch at crime scenes.

Thursday, March 2, 2023
Defence of an M.A Thesis in Data Science and Business Analysis about the Role of Deep Machine Learning in the Detection and Classification of Heart Diseases

An MA student in the field of data science and business analysis at the Faculty of Postgraduate Studies at the Arab American University, Abdulhakeem Ahmed Al-Ardah, passed the defence of his thesis for obtaining the M.A degree. The thesis is entitled “Heart Disease Prediction & Disease Type Classification Using Machine Learning”

The thesis relied on merging heart disease databases, and an accurate and effective machine learning system to obtain high classification accuracy. The proposed research method included an initial stage to predict the existence of heart disease, followed by a smart classification to determine the type of heart disease using machine learning. The classification of the disease depends on the results in the initial stage.


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