Alumni Affairs in the University Hosts the Graduate "Qais Al-qasim" to Review His Experience in Entering the Labor Market

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

The Department of Alumni Affairs with the Deanship of Student Affairs at Arab American University hosted the university Graduate Mr. Qais Al Qasim Manager of Strategic Accounts for Jawwal in the North of West Bank, in a workshop attended by university students who are to graduate to listen to his personal experience in entering the labot market after graduating from the university.

The meeting was opened by the head of Alumni Affairs Department Mr. Bilal Al Ashqar, who welcomed the attendees, stressing the university's pride in its graduates and its constant efforts to keep pace with their professional development. He said that the graduates of the university proved their worth in the labor market and received high positions in most companies and institutions. Where Mr. Qais is a role model of the current students, and from this came the idea of hosting graduates periodically and systematically.

Qais Al Qasim reviewed his personal experience in the labor market from his interest in developing his personality during his university studies, relying on the extracurricular activities, and student activities through taking advantage of the training and volunteering opportunities to gain experience and enhance his personal experience which that is important in private business specially with the ever-increasing number of graduates.

Al Qasim also assured the importance of thinking about establishing special projects as the basis for the renaissance of modern societies, especially as there are many opportunities for funding and incubation of entrepreneurial projects and ideas, advising the audience to be as different as possible because the market requires excellence and innovation in all fields.